DeMoreno's Guide to Mining and Industry

This work in progress is intended as a compendium of knowledge for mining and industry. I’ve been continually frustrated by the inaccuracies in much of the information online, so I’m going to do what I can to collate information on mining and industry.

Some of the topics I intend to cover:

  • Mining Ships
  • Mining Fits
  • Reprocessing
  • Blueprints

I’ll be starting small, and working from ore to ice to gas to blueprints and beyond. Of course, as the game changes, so will my information need to change, but I’d like this to be a trustworthy source of information for players.

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Table of Contents
Harvesting Ships
Harvesting Modules
Harvesting Drones
Harvesting Fits
Harvesting Ore

Glossary of Terms
Many of these terms have other definitions in contexts outside of mining and industry.

Asteroid: Any one of many varieties of resources from which ore may be obtained, from Veldspar to Mercoxit. Found most often in asteroid belts and ore anomalies.

Asteroid Belt: Groups of asteroids found in highsec and lowsec systems. May also refer to such groups found in ore anomalies.

Asteroid Cluster: A type of ore anomaly, typically larger than an asteroid deposit.

Asteroid Deposit: A type of ore anomaly, typically smaller than an asteroid cluster.

Barge: A type of harvesting ship, noted for greater mining yield efficiency, more tank, and larger ore capacity than the Frigates intended to precede them.

Blueprint: An item needed for the manufacture of items.

Boost: A temporary benefit provided to a player, often used in the context of a mining fleet. Also called a Buff.

BPC: An initialism for “Blueprint Copy,” referring to copies of original blueprints used in the manufacture of items.

BPO: An initialism for “Blueprint Original,” referring to the original blueprints from which blueprint copies may be printed and items may be manufactured.

Buff: See Boost.

Compression: The process by which certain resources may be reduced in size for easier transport, among other purposes.

Drone: See Mining Drone.

Exhumer: A type of harvesting ship larger than a Barge.

Frigate: The smallest of all harvesting ships, generally faster but less efficient than the Barges they are intended to precede.

Harvesting: A synonym for mining that is arguably more correct than “mining” in reference to resources like gas.

Huffing: A slang term used for gas mining.

Ice: One of many varieties of the resources obtained from ice belts. Mined in a similar fashion to ore.

Industrial Command Ship: Large harvesting vessels intended to support mining fleets with massive ore holds and the distribution of fleet boosts.

Laser: A general term used in the context of harvesting to refer to a Mining Laser specifically or a harvesting module in general. See Mining Laser.

Mining: The acquisition of resources from asteroid belts, gas clouds, ice belts, and ore anomalies through the use of harvesting modules intended for–but not exclusive to–harvesting ships.

Mining Drone: A machine loaded into and deployed from specific harvesting vessels for the purpose of mining ore. Also used to refer to drones used for similar purposes regarding other resources, and often simply called Drones.

Mining Laser: A module used for mining, often in reference to asteroids, but also used generally to refer to harvesting modules. Also called a Laser.

Module: Any number of items fitted to a ship for specific operations.

Ore Anomaly: An asteroid belt whose location requires the use of a probe scanner. Asteroid belts are found exclusively in nullsec as ore anomalies, labeled as deposits or clusters.

Processing: See Reprocessing.

Refining: See Reprocessing.

Reprocessing: The process by which resources may be converted into base materials commonly used in the manufacture of items. Also called Processing and Refining.

Strip Miner: A type of advanced mining module similar to a Mining Laser. Also called a Stripper.

Stripper: A slang term to refer to a Strip Miner. Often used humorously as a double entendre referring to exotic dancers.

Mining Ships

As with PvE and PvP, ships and their fittings are a primary concern for the harvesting industrialist in New Eden.


Here’s a list of bite sized tips for you.

And good luck. Looks like you are trying to be really comprehensive, which is more work than I’d want to take on.

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I appreciate the help. It will certainly be a lot of work, and will likely move away from being a forum thread eventually, but I needed some place to put it all for now. In addition to, y’know, all the spreadsheets.

Oh Lawd, the spreadsheets.

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There are numerous skills relevant to harvesting industrialists. Some are more important than others depending on what avenues an industrialist wants to pursue.

The skills listed in this section will be broken down into several categories and subcategories:

Industrial Command Ships

Skills required and useful for operating harvesting modules.

Skills required and useful for operating harvesting drones.

Skills required and useful for using implants beneficial to various aspects of harvesting.


Reprocessing Efficiency

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