Den Of Bad Company - Looking for better company

DO.BC is looking for pilots. We are a no drama, real life comes first corporation looking for pilots. We are a corporation based out of Domain. We exercise a NRDS policy in and around Providence.

We are chasing industrialists, PvEers and PvPers.

We offer:

  • Small Scale PvP
  • PvE - Missions, Incursions, and Triglavian Invasions
  • Mining Ops
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Programs
  • Ice, Ore and PI Buyback programs

Please join in-game channel DO.BC Public or our Discord on to speak to one of our recruiters.

ESI access to character information will be required upon application.

Cracking group of pilots, very multi faceted and always willing to help.

Highly recommended, even if i am a tad biased.

Sounds interesting. I’ll look you guys up later on tonight if I get a chance to get online. What time zone do you operate in?

If you guys get interested in a sov holding pvp alliance with no blues, hit me up.

Bump. Still Looking. @Paul_Lantus mail sent in-game.

Bump - Still on the lookout

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