Deployment of EVE Online: Onslaught Is Underway!

We’re currently in the process of deploying EVE Online: Onslaught during an extended daily downtime.

Keep an eye on this thread for details on how the deployment is progressing!

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11:00 UTC

Tranquility is offline for downtime.

11:02 UTC

Client code is deployed.

11:04 UTC

Server code deployed.

11:05 UTC

Updates running.

11:15 UTC

Updates complete and in the process of being checked over.

11:20 UTC

Tranquility is starting up in VIP mode for testing.

11:28 UTC

VIP mode is lifted after testing is complete.

Tranquility is online and accepting connections.


Good luck guys.

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hopefully you can get it down on the first try! Not to be accusing, but we will never forget March 20th. Anyways, good luck with the deployment :smiley:

Who is “we”?

Was the F to pay respects or…?

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You will know who WE are if you were there…

Obligatory “I can’t log in” moment.

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inb4 citadels and engineering complexes fly through stargates all over New Eden. :smiley:

Hope it goes fast I got a honor brawl 1v1 at the sun to catch.

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GL :+1:

Games like Amnesia and Outlast have nothing on CCP in the Horror genre. Every patch day we’re all glued to our screens in abject terror :sweat_smile:

That’s Falcon’s stupid way to sign his posts even though the rules say no signing. Special rules for special people. :wink:


That Mission-Update-Thing you do… I LOVE IT!
Making the Waiting process much better

March 20th? lol you must be new :stuck_out_tongue:

I just activated to try achievements.
I am in!