Derelict Hunting On Planets

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After looking at the following image of a wrecked Megathron I had the idea that we should be able to hunt for derelicts on planets and moons.

With Dust 514 no longer running I think that using the environment, if those environments still exist and haven’t been deleted, would make for a great backdrop to Derelict Hunting. The environments would have to be tweaked though to represent derelict and abandoned ships and outposts though.

The first part would involve the player locating a wreck site on a planet or moon after scanning. A landing sequence loading screen would transition the player from New Eden to the Derelict server. Once on the planet the player would have to navigate through jungle, mountains, caves, under water, etc. to find the wreck to begin salvaging it. Environmental factors such as ion storms or meteor showers and cave ins would complicate the extraction process of what ever the player finds on the ship.

The second part would involve introducing NPC raiders that have come looking for the same wreck that the player must defend against or extract along side of much like the NPC’s in an asteroid belt.

The third part would involve fleet members being able to join the player in extracting parts of the derelict.

The fourth part would introduce Triglavians, Drifters and Sleepers into the environment that the players must defend against in order to reap their rewards.

Eve Online has to evolve once again with a new branch of emergent game play.

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