Hunting For Derelicts on Moons and Planets

After looking at the following image of a wrecked Megathron I had the idea that we should be able to hunt for derelicts on planets and moons.

With Dust 514 no longer running I think that using the environment, if those environments still exist and haven’t been deleted, would make for a great backdrop to Derelict Hunting. The environments would have to be tweaked though to represent derelict and abandoned ships and outposts though.

The first part would involve the player locating a wreck site on a planet or moon after scanning. A landing sequence loading screen would transition the player from New Eden to the Derelict server. Once on the planet the player would have to navigate through jungle, mountains, caves, under water, etc. to find the wreck to begin salvaging it. Environmental factors such as ion storms or meteor showers and cave ins would complicate the extraction process of what ever the player finds on the ship.

The second part would involve introducing NPC raiders that have come looking for the same wreck that the player must defend against or extract along side of much like the NPC’s in an asteroid belt.

The third part would involve fleet members being able to join the player in extracting parts of the derelict.

The fourth part would introduce Triglavians, Drifters and Sleepers into the environment that the players must defend against in order to reap their rewards.

Eve Online has to evolve once again with a new branch of emergent game play.


So… exploration where you have to do more than just click around a bit?

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Definitely. You would have to employ skills and technology to locate the derelict. Some might be large like a ship or a smaller like a container full of Abyssal filaments.

The hacking game would be part of the overall hunt for the derelict and could be even incorporated into accessing the derelict. If you hack the mini-game then you access the next room, if you don’t then any X variable could result.

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I’m… actually okay with this.

Are you thinking of these as a purely PVE experience or PVP where other players can come attack you whilst exploring too? or maybe something like with the Abyss sites at the moment when you can get attacked when leaving the site and (in this case) going back to your ship… would a new ship need to be introduced in order to scan the planet itself?

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Honestly, while I like the overarching concept, I think it’d be a much more feasible idea to shoot the wreck with a salvaging beamthing. Kind of like moon mining is now.

Shoot the salvager at the wreck on the planet, it pulls it into orbit over a period of a couple minutes, cool stuff gets looted.

Reasoning behind this is simple:

  • Implementing it doesn’t mean trying to design a whole new pocket of space
  • It’s not instanced (yes, that is a plus)
  • You can still have NPCs crash the party (warp in to stop your salvage op)
  • Players can crash the party
  • It’s “exploration” that you can do with a noctis (if you’re feeling brave).
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This would work too and as you say more feasable. I like the original idea though but it is in essense a different game or add-on and we know how great CCP are with those (walking in stations and DUST for example)

My exact thought. It’d be CCP saying “okay folks, WIS is now a thing. Don’t forget to pick up your pistol from the NES, the same rules that apply in space apply here.” and then WIS turns into an FPS.

Keeping it “inside Eve” makes it immensely more simple, which in turn makes it much more likely to actually happen. Appealing to explorers with a major release isn’t a sustainable approach.

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Tritanium (which is the main building component of spaceships in New Eden):

"The main building block in space structures. A very hard, yet bendable metal. Cannot be used in human habitats due to its instability at atmospheric temperatures. Very common throughout the universe. "

I don’t think you want to fly your ship into the atmosphere unless you want to explode it in the process.


Not targeting you directly with this, but… what in the world is an atmospheric temperature?

@Nisanthro , that applies to raw tritanium alone. Alloyed tritanium doesn’t have the same instability. Of course, CCP did kinda derp that description hard. General consensus in the lore community these days is that ships can in-fact, enter atmosphere without getting totally explodified

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It would be purely PVE to start out with until CCP was able to mesh together the space environment with the planet environment.

Star Trek Online has been able to mesh together the space combat environment and planet or station environment not to mention transporting from a ship to a ship based environment. So I don’t see why CCP would be able to transfer from a ship orbiting a moon to the surface of the moon into walking environment.

Important to note that there have been strange bits and teases for interior/planet-surface content coming up lately - and I love the idea. First, a huge scene-model was added to the files last month - it’s in there on your PC now (keepstar for scale):

Adding to that, CCP’s art director has been adding a lot of interesting art to his portfolio lately, culminating in this little animatic - and I’d recommend looking at the whole posts, there’s a lot of suggestive storyboarding and art to be seen:

I could absolutely see surface sites as new PVE - and going off of the stuff above, I’d guess Directorate stuff would be the first to be seen through the content.


That artwork would be epic for a backdrop to Derelict Site. Maybe not a Keepstar but a smaller Citadel. I think that if a Keepstar crashed into a planet it would destroy the planet much like a super asteroid would.

But I do like the concept artwork.

Keep the ideas and drawings coming and maybe more players will start to like the idea.

There is a lot of history left to write about New Eden. Most see the history of New Eden only being in space from the junk that we find in the mission sites.

But about the history of when the four races of New Eden went into hiding after the Great Collapse? Most of that history would be hidden and isolated on planets and moons, waiting to be found and held to the light again to shine in its brilliance, like a heart of amber catching the rays of the morning light, the slow and deep rhythmic beating of ages past vibrating in the hands of the archaeologist and explorer.

I think that the game could introduce a new niche genre game for players who like to explore.

The game could include side projects like Discovery and many other projects similar to Project Discovery that would help real world astronomy immensely.

While not out looking for wrecks or responding to distress calls from AI based and even player based ships that have wrecked players could entertain themselves with any of the following projects:

Galaxy Zoo
Old Weather
Planet Hunters

Galaxy Zoo for example has over 13k volunteers

This type of game might seem boring to the action based crowd but if the exploration crowd had their own niche game then CCP would have two niche games under their belt.

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