Deserted Mining Colonies

I have an idea,

Could we allow players to take over deserted mining colonies or Rent them for a time period which they have an option to extend, for example when you warp to a deserted mining colony their should be an option to buy or rent .

ok you can’t dock but you would also get a cargo area also when you buy or rent this place.

Now if you rent it this would only last for a say a month and then you get the option do you want to extend it for a price…

The buying price should not be to high and there should also be a limit on how many you can have as your home say a maximum of 3.

Now of course other pilots can attack this place and you should get a warning if in anybody does. There would be some modules that you could add to it but only limit these modules to shields and a small selection of weapons and drones.

There should also be a seperate HUD display for this how you how much shields you have on the base, which would be access from an icon in your neocom.


Okay, I like this solely because “why actually not” …
… but who would it be bought from ??

Taking ownership per se, though … hm.

It depends who owns it, if nobody owns it then there should be a market place and there should also be a set price which CCP sets and depends on size and where it is.

if nobody owns it then CCP would set a price and then you would have an option to buy it, if you want to sell it at rate of say 10-25% more so you would not get alot of profit from it. There would also be an option of selling it back to CCP.

If nobody owns it then it should default to whatever group has sovereignty over the system, so you’d be buying it from one of the Empires probably (or InterBus).


That’s the thing. They’re deserted which means no one owns it.
Anyone running the site does not automatically own it.

Also you probably mean NPCs instead of CCP.
I get your point, but it’s weird. :slight_smile:

Still … can’t work that way reasonably, because it’s deserted.

You have to respect lore and the in-game universe.

I guess it boils down to: Who gave the site up?


From a lore standpoint we are dealing with Bona Vacantia which would mean the asset is property of the government.

You should ask the representative NPC of the respective empire.
Yes, you can actually do that. Yes, really, that’s a thing!

I can try finding him/her, if you would actually send him an EVEmail.

Do they have to be purchased?

What if you needed to use some combo of analyzers (data/relic) to ‘gain access’ to the deserted mining colony. Something about the cost of powering these things limits the lifespan you’re able to ‘revive’ them for, maybe?

Once you have control that’s when you get the HUD displaying, and any additional benefits the structure might provide?


Why the hell not. Makes perfect sense. Puts the “hacker” into danger, too, because he has to sit there. Doing something to get something also makes perfect sense.

I don’t understand. The “lifespan” thing is a mess. It’s already deserted and who knows how long it has been! Think of it like Salt. Salt is hundreds of millions of years old, but when you buy it, magically it’s going to get “bad” in a year or two.

OP proposed a simple cargo bay, which is probably the minimum needed to have something to show, that’s also already useful. It would also be relatively easy to implement for CCP, because there’s small structures with cargo bays in the game already. So CCP implementing a “cargo bay in space” sounds fine.

Anything beyond that serves no purpose for a Minimum Viable Product, which what one should be taking care of first.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

Fantasizing about a wild boar’s meat, before we even caught it, only leads to the boar never getting caught in the first place … that’s a ■■■■■■ up analog to some saying about being unable to sell the animal’s fur before hunting and killing it. :blush:

That’s true, but unlike salt I do not know from where the ‘deserted mining colony’ has come from. I.e. if they just spawn randomly or are they always at certain belts/mission pockets. If there’s a chance a player can take it over, is it now a permanent feature of that system if it doesn’t expire somehow? By giving it a ‘lifespan’ as such, provides an opportunity for it to disappear/not be there anymore, at some stage.

Also, it’s deserted for a reason… who knows what that could be… space ghosts! so every X amount of time Space Ghosts emerge from the shadows and scares everyone off :slight_smile: So now you don’t have perfect asset safety in space (i’m assuming you can’t shoot these things?).

Ok completely missed this bit:

So yeah, no ‘lifespan’ required (am now assuming they won’t take a week to kill?).

But I digress. I’d like there to be more ‘things’ in space you can take over(control of) with pre-existing skills (data/relic analyzers). Because


I just want more stuff in space… !!!

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You have to respect lore and continuity, because CCP demands it. It’s a deserted mining colony, which implies that quite some time ago there was a mining operation and the owners did not care about dismantling it. In EVE things have to make sense in the in-game universe.

I understand that you’re not taking this seriously, so why even bother?

Ahh, right, except I was being serious (the space ghosts was, I thought obviously, a joke).

As there was a screenshot of one, I assumed it was already ‘in-game’ and thus must appear through some mechanism (lore/continuity or not)… having them there isn’t the issue (or my issue) it’s how do you get rid of them and stop there being one (or more) per char in every system.

Cause I’m sure you read this part of the post too, right?

Just curious now, what part of the lore and/or continuity rules out space ghosts? They could be a thing!

< Something about not adding to the idea so why even bother >


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