Desire optional joystick use due to a medical problem that causes my hands to shake

I have essential tremors in my hands that cause them to shake uncontrollably when I get excited or upset. Due to this, I have not been able to win a single PvP combat during the entire time the I have played the game and why I try to avoid PvP. I’m much better at using a joystick or steering wheel type controls like in flight and driving simulator games where my tremors are less likely to create problems for me. I found out after my recent return to the game after finally winning my disability case (for other health issues) that there is a first-person view incorporated into the HUD. Is there a way to incorporate the use of a joystick (I have a top of the line joystick with my new comp) with many extra buttons on it for use with the first-person view as well as for using the buttons on it to activate modules and the throttle on it for controlling speed? Also maybe a way to activate an auto-targeting thing based on such things as some of the aircraft dogfighting simulators? Also being able to program buttons on the joystick to custom activation of the ship modules. I believe I could be a lot more effective in PvP in this game if I could use my joystick instead. EVE is my favorite online game, and I would love to be able to perform better in the game. Thank you for any consideration you may give to this idea.

An even better idea would be if we could optionally use a joystick in the game instead of a mouse, to begin with because then people like myself could already be using a joystick during PvE like missions, mining, or exploration during times PvP players sometimes attack us and therefore wouldn’t have to switch between normal view and first-person view just to use the joystick when our hands start shaking due to the excitement of being attacked by another player. We could always use the keyboard directional keys to select targets, the trigger to fire any turrets (including mining lasers) and the thumb button to fire any missiles (with a special button programmed to fire auto-targeting missiles or defender missiles) and then the other joystick buttons programmed to activate any of the non-passive modules and the joystick throttle and stick to control the speed and direction of the ship like in a flight simulator. And when modules like the auto-targeting modules are fitted, then have the module auto-target anything ahead of the ship that is closest to the ship’s flight path and then target something new if it gets close to flight path unless all target slots are used up. I know there may not be as many people with computers that also have joysticks, but I purposely bought a joystick with the hope of being able to use it in games instead of my mouse due to my documented medical problem of essential tremors which is a hereditary problem from my father’s side of the family. By the time my grandmother died, she couldn’t hold a half-full cup of tea or coffee without spilling it and it was very difficult to understand her when she spoke because of her jaw shaking so much when she talked. I was diagnosed with these essential tremors when I was in my 30s and a few of my siblings also have these tremors.

I would really love to be more effective in PvP by being able to use my joystick.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this topic.

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Can’t see it happening without a total game redesign. Some years ago someone did put together some software whereby the joystick did the WASD key presses but don’t think it was very effective and is no longer current.

Just a thought, have you tried Elite Dangerous? If I want to go pewpew I prefer it tbh.

This might be of interest to you:

I strongly recommend filing a ticket and asking the GMs about this first, though.
Explain your case thoroughly and add a few extra paragraphs in, when you can.

Thanks for the link Solecist Project, I’ll check the link out and I’ve already filed a ticket and was asked to post it in forum.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Btw, have you ever looked at Steam Controllers?

I don’t know your issue, but I thought I’d bring them up.
They don’t have sticks like regular controllers,
but trackpads instead, which track the thumbs movement.

The result is that there’s no pressure required from the thumbs.

Interesting, I’ll have to check those out as well, but my thumbs shake as much as my hands and fingers. It’s a family trait on my father’s side of the family. My grandmother couldn’t even hold a half full cup of tea without spilling it and her jaw shook so bad when she talked that it was hard to understand what she was saying, all because of essential tremors. A joystick actually helps hold my hand steadier than most other controllers.

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Do you know about this stuff?

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No, I don’t. I had heard about so developments in the area. But never actually knew they had come out with products aimed at people with essential tremors. I can still eat fine for the most part cause I’m usually calm when I’m eating, but there are a few times when food ends up across the table or in my lap when my hand shakes unexpectedly. Or when I’m adding a spoon of sugar to my coffee and the sugar ends up all over the counter. I’m pretty sure as I get older that I’ll probably need something like a self-stabilizing smart utensil. Just not quite yet. My main problem right now is just when I get excited while playing a game like being in pvp combat. Thanks for the heads up on the ‘smart’ utensils.

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I’ve got a joystick connected to the game right now (not normally, I wanted to test it).

I just set the left/right/up/down motions on the joystick to the left/right/up/down keyboard values.

It works just fine.

Also, I set the throttle to have only three zones - a big neutral where nothing is sent, + and - so I can speed up and slow down by tapping it forward and backwards.

I didn’t buy it for me. I bought it for a buddy who wanted to try the game and is a stroke victim, but he changed his mind about playing so I just kept it.

As far as autotargeting, if it can be done with a keypress, you can do it on a joystick button. If it requires a mouse click, you’re going to have to move the cursor around (a good anti-botting measure IMHO).

I probably should have included the picture the first time. Sorry.

Joy to Key is the way to go or a similar program.

You can use what ever peripheral you want and program it to do what you desire. People have completed dark souls using steering wheels, dance mats & drum kits & loads of other insanity.

Haven’t been able to log in for a bit due to rl issues. I have the same exact joystick. I’ll give it a try. I’ve never had a joystick with a computer before, so all this joystick stuff is new to me.

first person view blows, they only did it to shut the masses up wanting a cockpit view.

even if you could have a joy stick you’d have way to many buttons to press unless you just linked a couple of buttons to the control.

Well if you read up above there is a very specific reason why I want to use a joystick which has nothing to do with whether the first person view ‘blows’ or not. Thanks anyway.

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