Okay I'm looking for a better solution

I’m looking for a piece of software that would allow me to use my hotas joystick so I could fly the ship with it in first-person mode and activate the afterburners and such without having to touch the keyboard does it’s such a software exist the class of software I found and it doesn’t do completely what I want is


basic functions but I would like to see where I could completely take my hands off the keyboard and use the joystick for all functions recommendation

And before you tell me to go play Star Citizen I already do it’s still a tech demo it’s not ready for Primetime yet I also have Elite dangerous I’m Not Afraid Of The Mechanics for elite dangerous mining it’s a bit of a grind to get anywhere and docking is really hard because I haven’t found the docking computer yet

First person EVE with joustick. That is interesting idea. You do have overwiev indeed that can be used to make positioning decisions, but I think the third person view is superior to it, together with tactical overview turned on. Thing is in first person games like Elite and others you have a basic map showing somewhere in corner or center of hud, but in EVE there is no such thing, I mean it was very early in game, but it was removed. So maybe mapping camera controls and flying contols to joystick? :thinking:

an interesting idea, but not one that would work terribly well for eve, the game just isn’t designed around first person view… I mean yes we have it, and in theory you could use it. but unless you are planning on using it purely for making cinematics, I fail to see any practical use since you just rob yourself of your tactical awareness, and make the controls a lot more clumsy in the process.

Hellp ccp? Yes, I would like to purposefully nerf myself.

You need to map your joystick to “turn left”, “turn right”, “pitch up” and “pitch down” under Settings > Shortcuts > Navigation.

In the same tab, there are also shortcuts for acceleration/deceleration of your ship, so you need to have buttons to map those controls to.

Then under Settings > Shortcuts > Modules, you need to map some buttons to your module layout, so you can activate stuff like the afterburner.

That being said, I think this will be a horrible way to play the game and you should probably just go play Elite Dangerous. Eve is not a space sim.


Pretty much this, there is no benefit to doing this at all it doesn’t affect anything at all, so i’m not sure why the OP is really bothering but you did atleast answer him :stuck_out_tongue:

You will find the experience horrible.

Eve processes client input once per second. Which means that your joystick will offer extremely limited control… a lot like trying to watch a video when it won’t buffer correctly.

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I was just looking for a different way to control Eve that way I can stay in first person view pretty much all the time but with the overview set up the way it is it’s pretty much seems impossible

Point is there is no benefit to playing in first person even if you could, turret tracking will still function the same and you’ll only be able to affect it as much as you could with a mouse click but with a more limited viewpoint, they did add WASD flight controls for ships but they were ultimately worthless

1st person EVE with a Joystick? Masochist!

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