Desperate times call for desperate measures!

please do something in regards to the plummeting playerbase! imo its not crappy popups or scarcity, its the stagnating war! there is nothing ccp can really do about that directly but how about ramming through some changes to faction warfare!? there have been plenty of ideas and suggestions made over the years and yet nothing has been done! how about ramming through some quick changes to give some of those that have grown tired of the stalemate in delve a place to go and have some pvp fun! right now faction war lowsec is absolutely dead! i’m sure i’m not the only one that would love to have that as a place to fall back on to stay interested in the game! otherwise numbers will keep dropping! obviously the players, including most of the csm members don’t have the greater good of the game in mind so please do something before it goes too far and the game really does die!


Nu gamerz don’t want war. They want achievements, character customization, gambling on drops, and to engage in short-burst cooperative activities.

The reason the player count is dropping is because CCP is trying to at the same time cater to both its old-guard cash-cow player base and the coveted nu gamer demographic (because it makes up like 95% of the gaming market even though individually those people barely spend anything on games), and in doing so are diluting all aspects EVE’s gameplay experience (both the hardcore and the casual ones) so much that the game becomes unpalatable for both of those groups.

You can’t have a mobile Skinner Box experience that has full loot PvP in it, and you can’t have a hardcore survival game where players can engage in instanced PvE content and farm login rewards and have the developers make forum announcements about it being illegal to interfere with miners in role-playing sites.

And until CCP decides to either finally ■■■■ or get off the pot with regard to the direction in which they want to take their game, it will continue to leak players on its downward spiral into becoming that “P2W Korean MMO” that people are “surprised is still alive for some reason.”


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Is it possible player numbers are down because it’s summer and people aren’t staying home playing video games? (especially after a year+ of forced house arrest…I mean quarantine/confinement)


Maybe you are right.
But just in my special case:
I have actually to sit in a small white room, waiting for another few days until my quarantain is done.
I have nothing to do as staring out of the window, or playing video games.
So to say, I can play 23/7 .
But why I don’t do it ?
Answer: It’s fu**ing boaring.
No of my mates is on (about eight houres ot of their timezone).
No pilots in space to engage them.
Well, then maybe PvE.
Farming my C5, actually I have about 20 combat sites , two Vital Cores and much more.
Im could do them blindly.
The chance that someone rolls in is at nearly zero at a online-number of 14k.
But no, its no fun, it’s boaring.

And the last updates shows me, that CCP also no longer enjoys his job.
And that is reflected in their work.
See my post from last week.

Just my 2 Won

Idk they could experiment with making all of tranquility accessible on a mobile device maybe. You’d definitely see an influx of new players initially.

I have no doubt that that’s part of the reason, but I think there is more going on that is exacerbating the problem For example, there seems to have been a dip in player numbers across the industry, but no where is it as bad as it is in Eve.

Eve Online
Sunday May 16th - 33,758
Sunday June 20th - 26,045
Percent Decrease - 22.8%

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (SteamCharts)
Sunday May 16th – 913,838
Sunday June 20th – 806,350
Percent Decrease – 11.8%

DOTA2 (SteamCharts)
Sunday May 16th – 593,576
Sunday June 20th – 630,863
Percent INCREASE – 6.3%

PUBG (SteamCharts)
Sunday May 16th – 385,489
Sunday June 20th – 376,704
Percent Decrease – 2.3%

Apex Legends (SteamCharts)
Sunday May 16th - 253,771
Sunday June 20th - 246,283
Percent Decrease – 3.0%

No P2W


Long Live EVE!

Historically in Eve during the summer the playerbase numbers have a tendency to drop , unless something major is going on in nullsec , like the Fountain War was in the summer of 2013, etc.
Now this is amplified due to scarcity, monetization and the shitty different times that we live now.

Please don’t ‘ram’ through changes. Please don’t show the CSM a couple graphs and implement a mutilated version of someones idea. It went so horribly wrong last time.

Please open a discussion with the playerbase and engage with the faction warfare discord/focus groups. Please try a few ideas out on a test server.

If the CSM aren’t involved at all that may be better.

Summer!! I hope it was as eventful and bright as Olaf dreamt~~

anyhow, the bit quoted would be real concern IMO, there’s gotta be a threshold to call “Desperate”, and no doubt we’re rather close to that threshold (whatever it might be) this year than other summers.

Space is empty, and now space in Eve is really Empty! apart from afk, market ppl, I don’t see as many players around as I travel around, Even trade hubs are filled with much non-interactive characters. Market orders stagnant, Industry stagnant, war stagnant…feels like an empty…(in a) nutshell, we call it zombiefied in my country.

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Honestly, its pretty much everything at this point. I still kinda log in every now and then but I’m not really playing. For the first time in 11 years I’ve been actively thinking about hanging it up. CCP has lost its way and EVE is just not the game it used to be.

For me, the final straw is the constant stabs at the sandbox. Instance pvp, instance pve: the continued need for CCP to take a small playerbase and chop it up into even smaller groups of players. The new RW event with its anti-sandbox rules just underlined CCP’s disregard of the sandbox for me.

For a sandbox game to work, you need people out and about doing things so that they are available to other players for interaction, i.e. pvp. The same goes, largely, for an MMO, even a themepark like one. If a person wants to play a single player game, they dont need to get an MMO. Instead, People get MMO’s because of the other players in the game.

If a player who wants to play in a sandbox/MMO looks around and perceives that the game world seems empty to them, they log out and unsub. This in turn, causes a loop as more players leave the game, other players look around and perceive the game as being empty which triggers more players to leave causing more to look around at player numbers etc. . . So what does CCP do in the face of this, it adds instances which effectively hides players behind walls, making the game world seem more empty, amplifying the flight of players. At the same time, CCP also removes things like system belts in Null. What CCP should have done was give a reason to players to use the belts, but instead it removed them. This would not be a huge thing by itself, but it was just another example of CCP giving players a reason not to undock.

It just sucks the air out of the game, you log in, see nothing going on, your pipe is empty, log out. Yeah, I should move from my dead system, go find content etc. . . Yet CCP has killed my game style too many times for me to have the energy to do that anymore.


CCP Rattati has his manifesto and doesn’t care about anything else, he has already openly stated he intends to punish the players for a few years and if you don’t like what he has planned you should just quit.

He won’t have much of a playerbase left to punish, and his own pretentious stupidity to blame.


Well, I’m pretty sure every other project he has been employed on has failed…

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Such as ?

That’s not quite what i was referring to.

The players HAVE been overfarming. And it needed brought back.

The MER shows production falling hard, but destruction and mining aren’t shifting that much. So scarcity is kinda working.

What i was referring to was CCP making ham-fisted knee-jerk changes.

Iv’e given up, you have a large portion of players sitting at either side of a gate, not willing to commit major assets due to the crappy scarcity changes. It’s done/over the game is crashing hard. Unsubbed and all CCP do is send me a mail for 3month mct crap seriously? Never been more disillusioned with the game as i am now. Hangs head and sighs ten years game playing down the proverbial shitter. Those in charge at CCP seem to think its ok i’ll be back, all i can say to that is (wow seriously) Now looking for another hobby/game never thought i’d give up on my skill tree but here I am.



Down 7,000 players! it was around 30,000