Destruction of Priceless Archaeological Sites by Triglavian Forces

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This is Dr. Kai Jenssen, speaking to you from the University of Caille.

During the past year, the continued invasion by the Triglavian Collective has forced many of my colleagues from the University of Caille and other institutions to abandon important and frankly priceless sites throughout New Eden as the danger posed to archaeologists across the cluster has become far too real. Doctor Elen Trougroir last week was killed en route from a site in Vale by a surprise attack from a small group of presumably Collective ships which warped directly to her location. She was not, as myself and some of my colleagues are, a capsuleer, and her loss has sent chills throughout the academic community.

As such, by a directive from the dean of the anthropology department of the University of Caille, we have begun the monumental task of documenting and preserving as many sites and artifacts across Luminaire in an attempt to at least safeguard the data we have long labored to accumulate. These sites date as far back as the Age of the Ancients, and are obviously irreplaceable, and if Lumimaire is attacked by the Triglavian Collective, at the very least our knowledge of Ancient Gallentean history will be preserved in the data we will transmit.

We understand that many sites throughout New Eden and thus the knowledge we may have gleaned from those sites are forever gone, but we must be prepared for what may come and preserve what we can while we can.

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As one of the greatest archaeologists of the modern era, I say to Zorya Triglav: “Away with your triangular tomfoolery”.

New Eden Curves > Abyssal angles. And I am quite prepared to back that up through mud wrestling Zorya.

I’m not even in the office yet and I’m already on my second drink. Wahey!

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The old is irrelevant.
Liminality paves the way for the new.

Dazh Liminality progresses.
-Kybernaut Rusty

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