Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


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(Choking Coyote) #2177

Good decision. People leaving the game now would most likely not change a thing at this moment in time anyway. On the contrary; it might even open the door wider for the introduction of P2W mechanics (should this be on CCP/PA’s agenda). What’s the harm in milking the cow for all it’s worth if your subscribers have demonstrated they’re not loyal to your brand anyway.

Much better to wait until CCP/PA does something with the game that is indicative of them not being content anymore with some of you money, but want ALL of your money instead. That’s the moment you massively slam the door in their face.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2178

No, she is referring to the tin foil theory that PA will gave transformed EVE into the carebear land of her dreams. Read her posting history dude.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2179

More likely your little killmail pond is gonna dry up when Pearl Abyss takes over control.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2180

P2W typically is buying an advantage over others, for cash.
Its more likely P2W will make PvP more prevalent in EVE, than turn it into carebear land.

Golden bullets is the quintessential example of P2W.

CCP has a very strong incentive/pressure to generate revenue now, with a 200mill carrot dangling infront of them for the next probably 12-24months.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2181

Oh boy, looks like all the carebears are projecting their little dreams and hopes onto this.

I agree. But you can already get ISK for $ which can buy you everything in EVE so that qualifies.

And even if they would literally add golden ammo, CCP has created the perfect P2W laundering system by allowing the resale of the stuff on the market so people will just argue you can get it for ISK (like they already do with skill extractors).

The ONLY thing they could make worse is if they would introduce shop items you can not sell on the market or in contracts. And even then it will probably take a few minutes for someone to argue you can just get PLEX from the market with ISK and use that…

(DeMichael Crimson) #2182

You appear to be very worried about it given how extremely vocal you are.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2183

Think about the implications of this for a moment.

CCP would be foolish to not pull out all the stops inorder to get at 200mill bonus.
That may well involve disregarding what a segment of players think, inorder to make sure they generate enough revenue to hit their quota.

So far Nova, Aurora and Galaxy arent earning CCP anything except development costs. Valkyrie/Gunjack revenue is very small.

PA wont like CCP liquidating assets to reach the revenue targets, as it would mean the actual value of CCP that they bought is being sold off to pay for their own bonus.

That moves the crosshair onto EVE as the primary vehicle to ensure the revenue targets are met, inorder to cash in the 200mill carrot.

200mill bonus can make people/companies do crazy things, especially if we are talking about short term revenue with no regard for the long run.

TLDR: Players and EVE are expendable as losses. That 200mill bonus, is not.

(Jeremiah Saken) #2184

Relativism. It already begun. “There is nothing wrong with “golden ammo” because we already have SP trading, and it is P2W already (or as some claim P2A advance)”. “Mutaplasmids based on RNG is nothing new, almost all mechanics in EvE are based on some sort of RNG”. PA is the masters of milking. Wanna bigger bag? Pay, Wanna faster horse? Pay? Wanna be better than others in pvp? Pay and if you do, you’ll be truly better otherwise nobody would pay a dime.

I’ll take your bet, 2 years tops, and this game will something very different. I presume EvE will go true F2P with paying option for everything (which would be not bad option imo).

Next title release, like NOVA for example, will be an example where PA want take us.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2185

I expect Nova will be F2P with an extended list of P2W/P2A options.

I dont think EVE/CCP has the brand-recognition/clout to try and sell Nova as a purchaseable product, like GWs recent Vermintide releases.

EVE itself is already F2P/P2A, so its not much of a stretch.

(Ramona McCandless) #2186

There is only one difference:

At the present you can choose not to spend money if you have the time or infrastructure in place.

The fear is that in the future, that choice will be removed.

And as choices are removed, then so the purpose of playing a game rather than staying in work to do overtime.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2187

I doubt they will be removed.

F2P models almost always allow for you to generate/access through grinding/ingame currency what you otherwise could buy from P2W/P2A store.

So the “choice”, is either spend an hour grinding ingame, or spend an hour working IRL job and buying with cash.

See what I mean?

As others have pointed out, this is already the case in EVE, as you can work and buy PLEX for cash, sell it for isk, and buy whatever you want/need ingame with that.

To be really cynical, this is ideal for EVE with an aging/older playerbase than many other games. Most players here have jobs /income/expendable cash and can afford to pay cash, AND have less time to grind due to IRL requirements on time, such as family and career.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2188

I seriously don’t care what people project because oft that. The only thing I’m intetested in is the actual changes. I’m with this game for 11 years and that means I will give CCP the benefit of the doubt.

If they ■■■■ it up I will be the first to voice my opinion and I hope many will do this as well. Maybe this whole thing even primed people to jump even faster on new BS they may perceive as P2W than in the past.

If ■■■■ hits the fan just remember that we managed to punsh them back into the right direction in the past, we may be able to do it again.

And if not… It’s just a game and if EVE dies there will be others to replace it.

(Ramona McCandless) #2189

No thats not really what I mean.

Once you make it not fun to play to progress, which apparently is what they did in BDO, and the larger irl wallet wins, then the purpose of playing evaporates.
You can never be better in any aspect than the richest person playing.

So there’s no point playing and you might as well stay in work than play a game at home.

At least you can have someone claim you are being fairly rewarded for your effort there.

(Foggy Bernstein) #2190

For two hundred million, I’d happily say “■■■■ you Ima and all the rest of you alleged elites. Your patronage will no longer be required.”

Then I’d have some teen programmer hammer out a conversion from PC MMO to pay-by-the-minute phone game.

That one decision would cut the development costs by ninety nine percent and increase income by a few thousand percent.

Think it won’t happen? Or something similar?

$200,000,000.00 is a lot of incentive.

(Rivr Luzade) #2191

Which is particularly problematic with EVE as “grinding ingame” puts you into space, where you can get engaged and destroyed by other users, while “buying with cash” does not put you into space to achieve a thing and thus removes you from space and thus removes interaction potential.

While that is possible, someone still had to build a ship or module first, which means there was still some interaction. As soon as full ships with fittings are available for RL cash, it starts to seriously erode core principles or EVE. We already have a precedent for that with the Alpha Injectors, which are a pure cash-to-create item.

(Choking Coyote) #2192

Funny how no one ever moaned that trading characters for ISK was P2W. Yet all of a sudden there ain’t enough tissues in the world to whipe the tears of all the babies who cry over some SP trading. As if there’s much difference between the two.

Skill injectors you buy with PLEX only work on Alpha characters.
Skill injectors you buy with ISK have diminishing returns since the higher your SP, the less you add with a skill injector up to the point where you might as well not bother with them anymore.

Secondly, your amount of skillpoints only dictate what ships you can fly, but you’re not using all your skill poitns all of the time. Provided both are flying frigates, a 100mil SP and a 20mil SP character may well be on a level playing field since the since only a section of the 100mil SP charaters skills will be relevant to the ship he/she is flying and the modules fitted.

Thirdly, the 100mil SP character can well be such an idiot that he/she has fail-fitted their ship making then easy to kill by a character with far less skill points.

As for SP trading being P2A, the only thing I can respond to that is “so what…?” How many ships, modules and associated skills has CCP added to the game over the years? For those of us who have been playing Eve for a long time, it’s been relatively easy to keep up with all those additions at least to a certain extend. But for new players entering the game, with the amount of skills to train, it can take them quite some time before they end up feeling that they are actually able to fly something worth wile. So what’s soo wrong with givving them a little boost at the start of their Eve career?

As if the lack of randomness in abysmal sites or exploration loot drops would make for interesting gameplay? Want a steady ISK income with no randomness? Please point some lasers at a rock and mine.

Oh wait a sec…! Ore and miniral prices fluctuate as well do they? Next you;re going to try and make us believe that a player driven economy is also RNG.

(Choking Coyote) #2193

You might want to pass that message to my boss. I’m more rewarded for playing Eve than working for that jackass. :laughing:

(Salvos Rhoska) #2194

This time there is a 200mill carrot dangling infront of them.
A bonus equivalent to the companies value, once over.
That makes us expendable.

In BDO, the purpose of grinding/paying cash, is to engage in PvP.
Common trope for BDO, is grind 90% to PvP for 10%

As to EVE, its already F2P.
The choice whether to grind, or buy with cash, is already real in EVE.