Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


(Teckos Pech) #2153

Good thing CCP has not constantly failed then.

Trying new ideas and making costly mistakes are not the same thing.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2154

Yeah whatever dude, no investment firm is going to get rid of their company as long as it makes them a profit.

(Predvodnica LSG) #2155

General calculation ise that will take 6-12 months for CCP to take control and enforce this changes.

(Predvodnica LSG) #2156


" Last week, Petursson told the hundreds of thousands of “Eve” players that “Black Desert Online” creators Pearl Abyss had purchased CCP. The $425 million sale is a combination of a $225 million upfront payment and up to $200 million in a deferred performance-based payout."

What does it mean?

CCP has been sold for 225 000 000 US$ and if, only IF they made undisclosed financial goals sellers will receive another 200 000 000 US$

Looks like that 425 M$ is only bubble to “save the face” for ccp investors, because currently ccp is maximally overstretched and there is no way to achive any positive financial goals.

Conclusion: ccp was sold for 225 M $, but with creative accounting, it was made to look like 425 M $

(Jeremiah Saken) #2157

so all that PLEX-threads price whiners may were actually right, price don’t reflected real demand for it, because of botters (and today it is easy to make carrier bot because of SP trading).

(Salvos Rhoska) #2158


In some cases you can double it, as the botter runs that bot for x hours while away, and then manually continues running that content for y hours when at PC, all going to the same players pocket. For each additional bot generating 1bil per day, you add another 365bil per year.

Thats also why there is a dedicated group of posters that target and sabotage any thread on it, as well as on botting.

For some, their posting history also reflects that.

People misunderstand botting as a “one-off”, isolated instance/act. Its not. Its recurring/persistent, and does more harm the longer it runs.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2159

The general calculation is that in 6-12 months you will still cry on the forums because nothing happened.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2160

He is referring to the published data that the remaining 200mil will only be paid on condition CCP generates x revenue over y period.

Typical for this kind of condition is 12-24 months, and an expectation of growth in revenue over that duration.

Its unclear whether the 200mil will be paid in installments, or in total at end of the condition period.

That means CCP has very real incentive/pressure to generate revenue to gain that enormous bonus (once over again the actual value of the company, which is a VERY generous offer, almost unheard of), but whether they fail or succeed, the bonus incentive is off the table sooner or later.

As we all know, when incentive is gone, so is commitment/motivation.

Note: This is likely from ALL of CCPs revenue, not EVE exclusive, and involves the predictions of revenue from CCPs other current products, and upcoming other releases as well. Also liquidation/cessation of assets/staff/projects.

(ChironCHN) #2161

Well mate, I wouldn’t say eve is pay to win anyway possible, I explained how the economical environment fluid and the game environment they build, each roll of us participate in to perform the fluid which is so called sand box.

Pay to win is actually an incomplete term to describe an act that simply couldn’t be adjusted to fit to any in game system find its roll of function.

If the game is incomplete somehow with its mechanics, like the simulation scope was laid too close to a particular reality joint like traditional games, for instant street fighters, if paying items that simply extend the damage of a punch or buying items reducing each damage and such, with better cash input, the items go up with tiers therefore, it reduces or extending more damage, theoretically, if you paying certain amount of cash, that wouldn’t be a fair match at all than the fellow next to you nuded.

But if you extend and try to dig deeper on the concept why a item can reduce or extending damages, what does it require to manufacture it, what cost much make it prior to their regular glove size and such, you realise you need better materials or manufacturing conditions that requires more time And initial cost to set up the lay out, therefore the job that an other player to produce it is realised and next thing it needs is to link that manufacturing process to material collecting, therefore the street fighter go full live with a live economical environment and more positions have been filled as profession to support that combat situation, also the extended layout on how the items manufactured also suggesting the property that items appears, like how the weight of a glove pairs with the material of it to produce a more comfortable punch therefore delievering more damage, the larger and tougher the gloves are, the less lethal they become as offence but more effective and produce more defensive property to reduce the damage of an incoming punch, you know just to form up a feeling the environment of what those gloves are and what they actually do as glove hanging there, with all that feeding back and mechanics produced by those property. the combat environment started forming up and so the property of a fight is. It seems like how the game environment was formed by mechanics as an approach, and in that environment players can manage to drive it to expansion anyway they need.

Pay to win is a simple action, and it alone doesn’t have proper meaning to any problem it suggesting, but a tag that implies a game needs to dig deeper on the concept it stands and the meaning to the simulation it trying to lay out, just you know reveal what does it mean as it was proposed essentially so it can stand as a joint of mechanics rather than an object skipping everything around out.

(MorliDots22) #2162

Would be nice to see if they release real statistic numbers :

How many sub-based accounts vs free to play accounts - from there you can make an assumption of which direction the game development will go.

If FtP > Subs - mostly Guild Wars 2 a-like model - free core game/client, for expansions, skins, maybe some ships, additional mechanics like cloaking etc. you have to pay extra. No Pay to Win there.

If Subs > FtP - same old structure - as long as you have enough paying hamsters - Apple “adepts” alike - why change anything ? Second Innovation of a product cycle is either created by competition start ups - Bill Gates or decreasing value forcedrive with minds like Steve Jobs.

(ChironCHN) #2163

Mate I understand the analogy that how you explain the botter, but I would say yep botters generating isk each day, but is it possible that a general ratter which referring chose ratting as professions somehow have access to the ratting field each day and generated like 100 miles per hour in general alliance space, and therefore they produce 1bil per day time by one single account,

towards botters as counterpart, they have to spread out like more accounts and more participation’s instead to generate similar amount of fare, as a result,they carry in more plex each months than general ratting professionals, I would say it somehow dissolved the damage they bring in, but slightly driven by the game environment to a case of being economical participant rather than simply bots, I meant they have to add more accounts make the botting make sense , and that changes the case from auto isk to something out due to the effect they bring along with more accounts as subscriptions which means plex and disolved by the economical climate, don’t you think, mate? I meant somebody have to farm out all those isk to get them ready realise plex and items ships out any way, doesn’t matter who do that, tho.

I bet there’s a breaking point some how the game structure can take as percentage as botters, beyond that, the economy would go collapse and the botters would become damage rather than economical participants.

(Salvos Rhoska) #2164

Are you using google trans?
I cant articulate a response to this.

(CowRocket Void) #2165

That is 100% wrong

(Ramona McCandless) #2166

You totally just won the EvE-O Forums, Chiron

(MorliDots22) #2167

Ratting Bots are simply ISK Print Factories - so whats the problem besides EULA violation ? They cause PLEX and all other “limited” in game “goods” like T2 to rise. In economical terms more money means inflation - prices are rising. Very good example after WW1 hyperinflation Germany alike. Just compare PLEX price 2012 and now - from 250m to 1,5b

(Teckos Pech) #2168

My God you just do not grasp opportunity cost do you?

Don’t bother answering, it was rhetorical.

You do realize that every account that was subbed and then “unsubbed” became FtP, right? So that inequality is almost surely true unless you go in and remove those who haven’t logged in for X amount of time or something and then the inequality is dependent on X.

Don’t bother, Salvos is patient zero for Salvos Derangement Syndrome. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ChironCHN…wow, impressive work there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay…cripes…why am I always explaining basic economics and facts?

Yes, bots represent a problem in terms of inflation. Unchecked botting could lead to high levels of inflation where players disinclined to bot feel inclined to bot just to keep up. This is not good at all.

Now…is there actual inflation in game to support this fear?

** NO!**

The CPI is at about 60 right now. When I joined the game 11 years ago it was at…wait…wait…wait…it was at 60.

FFS there has been damn little inflation in game.

What number on the vertical access the blue line near at the end of 2008? What is it near now? If I had to guess 62 maybe 63.

And hyperinflation is unlikely to happen simply via bots, IMO. Hyperinflation is usually an issue with the government using the printing press to pay off it’s debts. CCP cannot pay off any debts with ISK. They could try on the basis of they make us all EVE trillionaires hoping that we go and gobble up all the PLEX sending the PLEX price through the roof, and people then go buy more PLEX to take advantage of that higher price…but since we are all EVE trillionaires why would be be buying PLEX to sell for ISK?

(Aetrid) #2169

:cry: maybe:

:frowning_face: perhaps:

I admit, despite the overwhelming evidence of what happens with corporate acquisitions, to holding the quite possibly foolish hope that EvE will be ok…maybe even better.

Will we:

Could it possibly be:

Much of EvE players are not kids and should be able to see what is coming down the road. EvE will never be even as it is now, whether that be one month or one year from now.

Complete paradigm shift for EvE.

Pearl Abyss won’t care if all players currently playing EvE quit once they get their desired program going. HTFU culture is gone. CCP meeting financial goals will only delay at best.

Nevertheless, I will join my fellow foolish deniers in staying here in foolish hope…at least for some months…

(Ian Morbius) #2170

Good article, read it this morning. A lot of Hilmar Petursson comments on the sell. Who doesn’t find Himar’s comments entertaining. Thanks Variety.

(ChironCHN) #2171

and why was that mate?
anyway mate, my point is till now bot exists and didn’t break or collapse the current economy, all I’m saying is that it’s not quite bad yet so far and why and how the game environment Has adapted it to slow it down and dissolved off.

(ChironCHN) #2174

You know mate you are right and also good analogy to the German recovery from Second World War, but the prize of a plex going four times over ten years is more effected by the growth of economy, not the glitch of botter results, don’t you think? We dun have to fix anything out of that glitch because we don’t need, eve so far is expanding and the rate of its economical grow is quite steady, even tho botters taking effects but some how with all other problems along, eve is going alright and staedy, but those problems haven’t quite strong enough to bend the economical growth out of its track, I would say everything seems steady as it anticipated before and , botters can raise its effect to game but somehow with it’s scale of operations, it could be just an issue that reminds us but not likely to be the results of economical growth. I meant over ten years, I bet any thing changes and the price or value to it is raised due to current market but not the automated labors , don’t you think mate?

The chart shows recent faster growth of the value of plex, I meant we have to face it rationally, with years of technological advancement the eve universe introduced, the better and more complex combat and production systems evolved, more materials and process grows , more professions generated over these years, eve is not as its born like before, it evolved and sophisticated at current state and those changes of plex value wouldn’t be a surprise would it , mate, I meant our society grows and at some point the peak to its common value such as gold or any thing comercially recognisable would appear, and it could not be valued or viewed by any historical point of view but just simply growing to a stage that it has to be, don’t you think mate.