Dev blog: Calling All Designers: EVE: Online Poster Contest


(DeMichael Crimson) #21

The design should consist of imagery that you think will resonate with our community of capsuleers and capture their imagination.

That same objective was listed for the mouse-pad contest and in my opinion the 3 winning submissions didn’t even come close to that.

The theme of the posters should be “propaganda-style EVE recruitment”.

Personally I don’t see how Eve Online could be represented in ‘Propaganda style recruitment’ posters. The only universally recognized symbol is the Eve Online logo. Are you talking about creating a space scene background with ‘Eve Want’s You’ across it in big white letters like propaganda posters during WWII?

(zluq zabaa) #22

Ever been on reddit? Ever organized a somewhat larger party?

People work for what they care about, if they can. Is this being exploited? Hell yes, that’s basically the concept of Youtube, Twitch, Reddit and all of that. Does CCP do it here? Nope. Absolutely not.

There is a difference between art and the art markets. If you are doing a piece of propaganda poster that doesn’t use CCPs stuff and that you find so great that you actually might sell it yourself, just don’t submit it to the contest. Mostly, because you don’t want to hand over all rights.

The issues are:

  • CCP demanding people to use expensive commercial software (InDesign/Photoshop)
  • CCP asking people to hand over all their rights, while a permament royalty-free use license would be enough

I immediately had a bunch of ideas for a number of different alliances, none of which I’m affiliated with.

(DeMichael Crimson) #23

Yeah I understand that but as an Eve player I wouldn’t be interested in buying an Alliance themed propaganda poster, especially when I’m not a member of that Alliance.

The design should consist of imagery that you think will resonate with our community of capsuleers and capture their imagination.

That statement tells me the content should be more generalized so that it appeals to a larger percentage of players. That basically brings me back to my original question, are we talking about something like a space scene background with ‘Eve Wants You’ in big letters across it?

(Invisusira) #24

Yes, but you get paid real moneybucks in that situation.

I honestly agree. I’ve spent countless hours of my life doing random artwork and/or making shitty memes for various forums and subreddits, including tons of EVE stuff. It’s good fun even if you’re not doing it for profit.

What I take issue with here isn’t so much the “anything you submit to this contest becomes our property” bit; that in of itself is pretty standard for most contests. It’s the fact that they specifically state that they’re going to be selling your work and will be paying you nothing for it. Worse, they’re waving it around like it’s a prize.

(Ged Hopper) #25

Can someone please explain what the color stipulation means?

You can use 1 color up to full color, however, Color mode must be in CMYK to be a print ready file.



(Imelda Virpio) #26

Yes, and CCP’s statement that copies of the winning poster will be sold puts this firmly in the latter category. If the company makes money, but the artist does not, something is Wrong.

Do not enter this contest.

(Makavi Madeveda) #27

I found the perfect thing.


P.S. CCP, I found this image on the internet. You probably shouldn’t try to sell it.

(HiddenPorpoise) #28

To steal the words of a dead man: