Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction


(Leto Atal) #205

I hope not. If alphas can use PI then it will completely destroy the commodity economy. Not being able to log in multiple alphas at the same time isn’t really a problem for PI because the processes take place over hours if not days. If you set it up on all three characters on an account you can almost make enough ISK to pay for a month’s worth of PLEX without doing anything else.

(Hugh Knight) #206

HI Guys,

I am glad PI got some love, however i think you missed the point with the PI menu, eve is informational managment and i could see all 6 planets in a nice easy to read small box, now this menu takes up far to much space, in hostil environments the last thing you want to be doing is scrolling you want to get to the planet and get safe ASAP this is just taking up way to much room.

(Jenne Wain) #207

Are you doing this management while in space?

You can manage all of your colonies while docked. Not trying to be rude, just mentioning this in case you didn’t know. The only thing you need to be undocked for is collecting the materials and dropping the initial command center.

(Julien Brellier) #208

I also vote for having the gigantic thumbnails of the planets in the PI window removed so that we can go back to having a short, concise list.

Loving the fewer mouse clicks being needed to set up a planet. Long, long overdue.

(Nunosh) #210

this …

(Duo Roman) #211

That may be useless information to you. I use that graph every time I place my extractor heads and when I decide if its time to restart the cycle or not.

(Helene Fidard) #212

I guess I’m glad PI is getting some attention, but can we please get a compact Planetary Production window back? I used the old one all the time for warping around and opening customs offices… the new giant one that won’t fit anywhere really doesn’t work for me.

(Meiko Motsu) #213

It’s the same here. Eve is a window-based or Overview-based game and 3D is a helping feature, but not nessessary. So changing windows is the most sensitive thing in Eve. There is a compact-button, so why not using it for a short and compact list like before and adding a pop-up with the new information when it’s hovered? Why should I instantly look at images of the plantes? Useless.

(Meiko Motsu) #214

I agree to no. 1

(Buster DoggPL) #215

Here’s a few things that cought my eye:

  • Please rename Planetary Production back to Planetary Interaction. PP sounds kinda silly.

  • Planet icons in the new Planetary Production window are way too big. I would be sufficient if they were the same size as the icons of stuff being made on the planet. Maybe slighly bigger.

  • Previous Planet list window allowed sorting planets by their name and position in the system. The new one does not. I would like to get that functionality back.

  • When in Planet View mode it shows tooltip when you hooover the cursor over the Scan button. However it can obstruct the apply changes button. Can you delay the tooltip a bit?

  • Something I’d like to see in the future - the ability to save ready planet setups as blueprints or files or whatever. So I don’t have to start each planet from scratch whenever I’m redoing PI.

  • Would be nice if the Extractor heads color would be a bit more contrasting. If you are placing the head on a white hot spot the heads almost vanish on the screen.

Overall I like the changes that were made, although I agree that this gameplay mechanic needs a more indepth redesign.

(Meiko Motsu) #216

You answered it for yourself. While being in space and collecting it you need to navigate. The old window has already been way too big for real nessessary information, but with some unhandy right-clicks you could warp to the costums offices or access them remotely. Now imagine there are pirats. D-Scan & Overview is taking up a lot of space due to important information of being safe or not. Now there comes a window that’s just eating up your screen space for less useful information that could also fit in your overview.

(Meiko Motsu) #217

Another idea comes to my mind: the big planets are more or less only showing if attention is needed. What about just using the notification feed? Wasn’t it invented for stuff like this? Please patch Eve and add options to get the old window back or enable a configure menu. As said before, all information could also fit into an overview tab.

(Jenne Wain) #218

I get that and understand what you are saying. I was referring to the screen capture of the planetary window being open.

I’ve known people that thought that all the PI work had to be done while in space, so was just mentioning that general colony management can be done while docked in case the poster was not aware.

(Nunosh) #219

I really hope that those right clicks to warp to costums can return… Any thoughts @CCP_Falcon ?

(Retainer of Souls) #220

Agree 100%

(JuuR Zibaoo) #221

hey there @ CCP

really nice changes!!

some things maybe …
make the planet overview menue be like 50% size?
when in space the “warp to poco” should be there without rightclick
when in space the “access poco” butten should be there without right click
–> what else is more important then to warp to the poco and get my stuff?

ah yes and there is a icon for the storage and whats in the storage … can i we have a iconon for the launchpad too and whats in it?

funny thing happens when i hit the tranfer button to move stuff in the poco screen
i had the planet overview with 3 of the 6 planets visibly (smallest possible but open) and i was on the last planet … so i was scrolled down … i hit transfer and the menu moved up to the first planet … happens all the tim with all planets as long as you extend the overview to all 6 planets … guess thats not what you guys planed …

had it on 6 of 6 chars …

again … thanks for the changes … PI is not 5 times better then befor!!!


(dorfsorc) #222

I am also experiencing the loss of focus if i access the planet to transfer items. if i am on the bottom half of the list (please reduce the size and let us see all siz) it reverts back to the top.
AND let us be able to sort them in the order we prefer.

the icons for what can be made should be optional,

the changes to setup are very helpful, much appreciated.

And again. we need a center on launchpad function, centereing on cammand center is pretty useless

(Sar Shalowm) #223

I’ve looked at the new system for PI and I’ve tried to reset my planets with it - and to me (that already got hundreds of planets set for duty) the system now is worse than before and none better at all. I do understand that it must be MUCH better for those who will start new planets, but at some level PI goes over to just do the upkeep for a build that is already made, and that’s where I’m now.

Especially I wanna point out that the “NEW PLANETARY COLONIES WINDOW” is of no use and only in the way. First of all I see some pretty graphics that is of no use to me. As far as I saw I can’t use it for anyhing at all. I got some requests about this:

  1. Make it possible to show it in old version also (switchable)!
  • When I use it just to see what planets the active toons have their PI at I don’t want any grapichs covering my screen, I just want the simple info that was in the old window and that taking as little room as possible.
  1. Make the graphic show something useful!
  • Like if there is something active, how long is it active, or are there broken links or similar.
  1. Make it funcional!
  • I’d REALLY like to see a function for example to “restart extractors” in the last placed extractor node placement, so I don’t have to go into planetary mode to do this. This is of course a bit of chance and can generate moderate to bad production, but with hundreds of planets that might be acceptable.

(Helene Fidard) #224

I can see the logic behind sorting the schematics in the factory panel by tier/name rather than just name, but when (for example) Transmitters and Transcranial Microcontrollers were together, it was easy to get to either of them by hitting T. Now if I’m swapping the production on a factory planet I either have to type a lot more or scroll a lot more. It’s hard to call it an improvement.

Seems like if people wanted the list sorted by tier, it could go in a separate sortable column.

(zluq zabaa) #225

The Planetary Colonies overview window is somewhat informative, but that’s about it.

  • There is no need to show these huge Planet images on the left, it only takes away space
  • It would be way more helpful to show an extraction timer for all planets there, rather than giving general note of something not running, for production planets a timer which tells when the last output will be done
  • When actually not staring at the huge new overview, but working with PI, the overview is in the way
  • Please give us an option to use the old, neatly packed overview instead
  • The new one also lags when opening it, that’s not nice

The Planetary mode on the other hand looks pretty great.

  • apart from sometimes zooming in very slowly
  • zooming in too close
  • on the plus-side there is no lag inside that mode and the Custom Office Window doesn’t seem to close for arbitrary reasons anymore

I assume this all looks fine for whoever designed it on a 4K screen with a single account running and nothing else to take care of or watch out for at the same time. All these brutal colors and overproportional UI is simply too much and not necessary. The functional help to set up new planets would have been more than enough.