Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction


(Feronanthus) #185

Think we can do something about this while doing a QoL pass?

(DJ Ghost Recon) #186


Great job so far. Please consider my feedback.

  1. when you click on a structure you get a hologram of that structure. < Please make it smaller, no one really cares about the hologram when it prevents you from clicking on a structure underneath the hologram or prevents you from seeing whats going on underneath it.

  2. Create a “snap to” feature where all structures placed close to each other align too. So you don’t have to move your mouse 400x to put a structure as close as possible to another structure.

  3. Create a few general templates or grid that allows people to re-create there setups. When you have 3 toons and you have 6 planets on each toon your creating a lot of work for people.

PI can be fun if you made it easier to create simple colonies.

(CowRocket Void) #187

Ahh yes, make PI easier. That will lower its value then folks can start complaining about that just like they do with mineral values. Thanks!

(Festmester Uctionsson) #188

Except mining didn’t get easier, it evolved and got new tools to do the job on a much larger scale.

In this case, it just requires less clicks, and I think it’s silly to still argue the point that the income of PI is justified by making hundreds and hundreds of clicks, making boredom and burnout the limiting factors - not the actual game features. Overall it shouldn’t be a game about who can do the most boring things the longest time. How about the game becomes more fun and that can be a positive experience for everyone; old and new players alike.

(swire) #189

One significant issue is that there is no way to find out how full your storage is – other than by remembering how many units make a full launchpad. More over, a full storage does not seem to trigger the “one of the units in this facility needs attention” message.

Adding a percentage full for each storage and having full storage meaning “needs attention” would be a big advance.

(Dominous Nolen) #190

So glad to see PI getting some rework,

For consideration though

  • Can you please add a custom entry box for the extraction date range as well as keep the slider changes?

  • Please consider keeping a compact view for the planetary interactions window

Have you considered moving the PI interface into a scale-able window much like the probe scanner/d-scan window? So we can either break out the PI window from the background or full screen it if desired?

(Mohenjo Daro) #191

How about allowing a multi-select, so if you’re going to change production on a planet, you can select all of the refineries and change the schematic with one command rather than all individually. Could also be done for routing.

(Vitank) #192

Recommendation here:

  1. Add “Save Setup” like we do for “Ship Fits”, once you select the desired setup you blop it somewhere.
  2. Upto everyone to use “how” you can use this to best of your ability.
  3. If you want to make this a “active” profession, maybe add some sort of fast producing Command center that needs a ship active in system? Entosis link module type or something?

Food for though.

(olan2005) #193

The first suggestion would be epic. The feature i most want to see

(Tommy McPhee) #194

Would it be possible to create planetary setup templates, much like saved ship fittings would work?

If I set up an initial planet I can save the setup to include all links and routes pre-established. After loading the saved template I’d be able to alter initial building placement and I would have to load in the schematics for that specific planetary comodity.

This would mean that having 5 similar planets would only involve setting it up from scratch once.

(Festmester Uctionsson) #195

The only issue I see with template based setups is that link length is not being considered in such a setup. In general I think planet radius is an odd factor to still account for, as planets already have various yields and spread. The quality is already defined via those two factors, but you also have to consider planet radius (major difference in quality between enormous and tiny planets) - with the added trouble of actually having the planet type you need near your home, let alone your constellation or even region.

There’s just too many variables already, and would like to see less emphasis on planet radius and other mundane factors, in order to actually enjoy that one-off planet you need instead of cursing at the game because its 20% larger than you need for your perfect PI setup.

(Havoc NChaos) #196

“save layouts” gets my vote as the best way to improve PI. I too came to post this very same idea. Setup one colony the way you want it, and save as template/layout, then boom build 5 more lickedy-split.
For me, one combination of buildings works for a myriad of different products/planets. With two or three templates, I’m sure most people could cover most of their needs.
Ideally, we’d be able to rotate and scale the template to match different planet sizes and resource layouts, but I’d be happy if it was the exact same drag and drop too. Being able to share the layouts would be amazing!

(Rin Vocaloid2) #197

The blog says that the holograms will automatically hide when in a certain mode so there is at least that. Although to be honest I do enjoy them as it reminds me of the good old Command & Conquer days. Perhaps disabling them should be made into an option.

(Darth Westicle) #198

I also apologize if this has already been mentioned and it would be a really simple thing to implement. I read most of what others have already said and did not notice this. Would it be possible to cntrl select multiple factories that you want to produce the same thing and select the schematic only once then submit only once. The same could be used for the outputs and you could cntrl select every factory you want the same input to go to from the launchpad/storage. I feel like that would reduce most of the unnecessary clicking.

(Trader Hansen) #199

I have a somewhat off the wall idea that would make everything here redundant:

Scrap existing PI and change it to a more simplified and streamlined system that is more akin to the ship fitting window:

  • Have a fitting window and slots the same as we do for ships and stations. I’m not sure if the high/mid/low slot paradigm would work, but could maybe do something like high slots for extractors, mids for factories, lows for storage/launchpad.
  • Make all PI “buildings” modules that must be constructed using normal EVE construction mechanics: haul in minerals to a station with industry, put in a blueprint, build it, haul the module to the planet, install it into a fitting slot. This includes command centres.
  • All extraction/factory outputs are determined by installing a blueprint (AKA script) into the appropriate module. These also become items that we have to haul to the planet.
  • Have different command centres that can be built with different balances of hi/mid/low slots.
  • Potentially have the slots quantity increased by one of the PI skills (or tie better command centres to one of the skills).
  • Potential to have faction variants of command centres/extractors/factories/etc.
  • No ****ing POCOs.
  • Make the launchpad module an actual launchpad, that fires a full jet can into space (not just the crappy one that can currently be launched by the command centre). Maybe make this a form of ammunition that needs to be loaded into the launchpad (“Launch Pod”) or something, rather than a plain boring jet can. Once again, this is something that players could manufacture (maybe use secure containers?)
  • Alternatively, introduce a planetary tractor beam or something that can be fitted to a ship to haul goods up from the surface. This takes a similar time as a normal tractor would, but over a far longer distance (for a bit of perspective, the ISS orbits Earth roughly 400km above the surface). Possibly also requires the above suggested “Launch Pod”.
  • Third option: Have some sort of logistics drone that can fly to the planet, collect a certain m3 of goods, and return it to the ship. This is a slower process as the drones have limited m3.
  • All 3 approaches require the ship to hang around the planet for a period of time, which will keep the mouth breathers gankers happy.
  • Probably other stuff that my mind hasn’t excreted yet.

Oh yeah… And get rid of the whole scanning/hot spots/miraculously moving minerals thing and just make planet yields straight up percentages, like what we currently have with moon mining.

(Rock McLargeHuge) #200

I, for one, am happy to see PI getting some love. Thank you for this CCP. I’m impressed with it so far. Of course there are going to be small issues to be worked out, but so far I really like what I see. I just have one tiny QOL suggestion: Could we get a color change or more sharply defined border to the extractor heads? Seriously, that’s all. When you’ve set your scan to show the highest concentrations it shows a white area. The extractor heads are such a light blue that they often appear white while they do their ‘breathing’ animation. This means that often I have to wait on this ‘breathing’ effect to see where the edges of my extractors are.

Same extractor setup a few seconds apart:


If it’s too much trouble, I understand. I can continue to squint/alter the scan parameters/watch the heads for red negative numbers. I just thought if you were already in there working on the code, maybe this wouldn’t be too hard to do? Thank you for your consideration.

(Remma) #201

Multi select would greatly help PI if the goal is to reduce the amount of clicks to be honest.

With multi select the flow of setting up a chain could go like this:

Routing raw materials from Extractor to Storage → Routing raw materials from Storage to Processors → Multi select all processors as outgoing destinations (or make this part works like setting up Link with the Ctrl key held if its too vague) → Multi selecting all the processors → set all of them to do a certain schematic at once → route all the products to a single desired storage at once.

(Hound Halfhand) #202

I want to basically play Civilization on a planet for PI.

(Keith Daneel) #203

Hi, is the planetary interaction gonna be accessible to alphas ? Because right now they can set up and build a lvl 1 base, but they cannot export any material, which makes the whole process pointless. Is it possible to allow export, or just to put it omega only ?

(Jenne Wain) #204

No changes in that as far as anything that has been announced.