Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction


(Dyver Phycad) #165

Fully agreed on that. You can double click in all sorts of other places to get to the routing menu, just not in that part. This is very inconvenient and would improve the usage quality a lot if doubleclicking would work as everywhere else.

(Michael Umangiar) #166

A bit of topic, but I ask kindly to add common hangar. Ex. with many characters doing Pi there is a lot of trading and contracting stuff between chars. So one char creates hangar and gives rights to use it to others.

(dorfsorc) #167

I cant find my post that suggested an option to center on a launchpad rather than the command center. it is not unusual for us to move launchpad then we have to go looking for it next time we visit that planet.
84 planets. my life is PI

(ugh zug) #168

Still 145 clicks to setup a planet, your click reduction isn’t enough. You should redo the whole concept instead of trying to make an already really broken system work. If you can’t make a system that takes about the number of clicks it takes to fit a ship or citadel you are clearly doing it wrong.

here’s an idea, instead, specialize and simplify Pi like the citadel system did for POSs but for planets. Resource mining & refining outpost converts p0-p1, factory outpost p2-p3, advanced factory outpost p4, maybe an outpost that specialize in raiding other outposts, maybe a covert outpost that grants local intel, statistics, and d scans from the planet, maybe jumpbridges and covert cynos outposts. Allow for orbital bodies to attack surface outposts.

Also I feel like planets in the same system should be managed by a specialized citadel, that can automatically collect pi shipments and feed pi factories in the same system. reducing legwork and additional clicks. Get rid of the pocos, they are dumb.

done, /thread.

(Amarisen Gream) #169

They talked about not currently having the staff to do a proper overhaul, or did you not read the blog.
This is what one Dev did while they had time between other projects. So for one dev at least reducing the clicking by about 1/3 that’s good enough for now.

(ugh zug) #170


(Nana Skalski) #171

Its actually in that post by CCP Claymore in this thread:

The Blog is on the other hand by EVE DEV TEAM. :rofl:

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #172

Add a few cups of tea to that picture and it could be UK roadworks.

(ACESsiggy) #173

Thanks! Much needed improvement :slight_smile:

(Steroidastroid Ormand) #174

Great job, the first thing though I noticed is not interface improvements, but overall better performance! I really like this and I hope it’s not just because it’s a test server!

Also I have a proposal considering UI and click reduction: Get rid of tabs! Lots of clicking comes from going from one tab to another. Make one tab for everything, showing graphically the facility with dropdown menu for what it’s producing, and also graphically links and in/out routes. Everything in one place, visible at once.
EVE’s biggest stigma is that everyone thinks that it’s an Excel in space for nerds, so the main agenda for redesigning UI must be making it more graphical, intuitive and less text based… Sorry, I feel like I’m captain obvious here!

(Leto Atal) #175

I’d like to be able to colour code structures. Or have the icon of the commodity being produced in the centre of the structure circle rather than the generic cog.

The problem is that links don’t represent the flow of materials in a PI set up. Everything is routed to a general store and then back out again for resilience. So there is no way to tell at a glance how your set up currently works. This is an issue because often I’ll leave a factory set up the same for months and then when I come to change it to produce something else I have to figure out how to lay it all out again.

(Vixen Vix) #176

o/ @Leto_Atal :slight_smile:

All improvements are good, although I liked the compact version of planet list.

The only improvement that I hoped for was scan position memory. Now when you switch extractors the scan bar is in the same position and you have to adjust it every time. It would be cool @CCP_Claymore if you could remember position of scan resolution per planet per extractor. That would make it less painful.

(Swira Aspetta) #177

The current UI only tells you what is in storage, but it doesn’t tell you how full the storage is. So, for a production planet, you have to remember how many units make a full storage. Seems a bit unfortunate. As well as extractors being off, full storage is the main interaction you need.

(Miles-Teg) #178

We need safe formation of all factors, and movie them to another location in planet

(Festmester Uctionsson) #179

I have a couple of suggestions for bringing down clicks per planet, and generally upping user friendliness.

  • Duplicate Tool.

Allow us to set up a single processor with a certain schematic, then duplicate that in a way similar to the new placement tool you guys added. Then all processors would have the required schematic, and not needed to be set up repeatedly - which is the real problem - repetition. It’s boring and it’s wearing out our minds and mice.

  • Relocation Tool.

Similarly to bring down frustration, clicks and other horrible things, being able to relocate any given structure would be very handy. Since this can easily be abused without restrictions, it would not be allowed on a storage structure if it had any items inside it, and any active links would of course be broken. Also has the same cost of building the same structure, but you can relocate infinite amount of times until you submit its new location.

Advanced suggestion:

  • Suggested / Related schematics

Seeing the tech seems to be in place with detecting planetary content, it would be very nice if you’ve set up a few things, like a certain extraction type and some P1 factories, that a set of suggested / related schematics would be shown somewhere, so it’s not so much looking through lists all the time. I mean you wouldn’t want to make Enriched Uranium on a planet where you extract only Water. But if two basic factories have been set for Water and Electrolytes, the advanced factories would in fact suggest at the top to make Coolants.

All this would make QoL skyrocket for PI in my opinion. And maybe not too far out with the new tech you will be implementing in the update!


(Jian Mira) #180

Looks good can’t wait to try it

(Zorya Antaram Porphyrogena) #181

While I’m happy that there are improvments to the PI interface, I think a lot more can be done, especially to routing.

  1. Having to click the product or incoming route and then selecting the button to create/delete route on the bottom of the window is not super friendly. Maybe create and delete buttons could be directly on the route list, like the Deliver button in industry job list.
  2. Invalid route destination should be visually different than valid destinations (greyed out / crossed out).
  3. After I click something on the planet - like a route destination, it could be highlighted on the planet, so I don’t need to figure out if I selected the correct launchpad/storage/factory as destination if I don’t remember which of those has which ID. Same goes for Launching stuff - I can select which launchpad I’m using in the customs office interface - it would be nice if it was highlighted on the planet interface at the same time.

Super cool idea (in my opinion):
You could make a lists with all commodities involved in current colony. Allow to select them and see where they are produced, routed, stored and consumed, i.e. when I select Microorganisms, the whole colony is greyed out, except of the extractor control unit and it’s heads that produce it, the routes where it’s routed, the storage where it’s kept, and the factories which consume it (and have it routed).

I gathered most of my suggestions on screenshots here:

Big thanks for the red rings that mark unrouted stuff - it will help me a lot. Also multi construction is nice :slight_smile:

(Silver Mannowar) #182

Замечательные нововведения.
У меня есть пара задумок которые возможно уже написали до меня (не хватило терпения прочитать все комментарии).
Введение дополнительного окна со статистической информацией по добыче, например:
-процесс заполнения/опустошения хранилища при текущей конфигурации добычи/переработки. Это позволит спланировать участие в управлении на несколько дней вперед например экстракторы закончили свои циклы но при работе у них были излишки которые позволяют заводам работать далее.
-свести в общую таблицу все планетарные структуры вместе с которыми показывать приоритетную информацию по каждой из них (направление роута, не станет ли экстрактор или перерабатывающий завод молотить впустую из-за переполнения хранилища или неправильно настроенного роута).
Извините что довольно сумбурно. Если будут еще вопросы с радостью отвечу.

(Zao Elongur) #183

My small suggestion:

NAME TAGS for launchpads and planetary colonies!

For example I have a planet that makes Ukomi SuperConductors on several day circles. It has 10 advanced factories, 2 silos and 5 launchpads.

It would make life much easier to be able to tag/rename each Launchpad from

Let’s say that I can’t log in for a day and my launchpads get empied by the factories. In this case I will have to figure out again what I should do with each Launchpad … now imagine doing PI with 4 alts and you can easily see my point.

I can colonize whole planets, create surface installations and factories, yet I cannot even rename the Launchpads??? It doesn’t make any sence.

I also suggest that you should allow tags for the planetary colonies and for the location in the asset windows.

(Festmester Uctionsson) #184

+1 on some kind of custom naming. Having more than one launchpad on factory planet, I have to double check often to not import my PI to the wrong one. Which feels like a major waste of time, and not something I’m comfortable dealing with when hanging in space. Fighting the UI is bad enough when there’s also baddies in null-sec often looking for a fight, or an easy target.

Another suggestion of mine:

  • Corp Wallet payments for PI expenses

Simply to make corp (or even alliance level PI) less messy, all the expenses could run out of a designated wallet, just like with industry install costs. Juggling PI worth billions, that would be a welcome addition.

Bonus question unrelated to PI:

  • What happened to the promise of picking destination (and wallet) for reprocessing? A devblog mentioned specifically that they would add both features - yet never came to Tranquility.