Dev Blog: October Balance Pass!

RIP (spectre fleet) ceptor roams. You just removed one very fun activity from the game, because you can now effectively slowdown/block those with a few bubbles. Combat ceptors will be basically useless for nullsec, since there are better non-nulli ships to take over the role in fleets, Dramiel anyone?

We had this discussion already, and I’m glad you just ignored the reasoning and went for the cartels’ safety of ratting and botting space.


We hope this preserves the unique role Interceptors play as scouts and tacklers while introducing more significant tradeoffs for the powerful tool of nullification.

Thank you for making Delve even saver than it already is. This load of slime must taste delicious.

WTF is wrong with you in making null sec safer and safer with every god damn patch?

500mn Hictors!

Care to explain where this is even used?

The Damavik is struggling though. We had hoped that even with only two mids it would be able to find a solid place by leveraging its high slot utility but that definitely hasn’t happened. You guys were right!

Not that I want Abyssal crap to succeed but: You don’t say! After 10 years of people telling you the Retribution needs a 3rd mid slot, you introduce another ship with 2 mids and ignore those suggestions again. Good job.


With what, 90% of the CSM dominated by null-sec shills - did you honestly expect anything different?


You claim NS knowledge, and yet you’ve never seen the 500mn trick that dominates NS gate camping.


how does this affect ecm burst?


I have not ever in my 7 years of playing encountered a 500MN hictor outside of wormhole rolling.

And I can’t see any issue with that tactic. Not when much worse things exist in EVE, like bubble screwed gates, titans on gates and so on. You even have to sacrifice a lot of tank to make it work, and you cannot jump a gate because it gives you aggression. There are so many downsides to this technique.


So Caldari pilots will be without an insta-warp taxi ceptor? Can we get a slight buff to the agility of the Crow to get it in line with the other ceptors?


You can activate offensive modules.

Think of it being like a Taunt in a more normal MMO.

It just forces you to only be able to attack someone who is jamming you.

In a similar way to ARM missiles work really well against Jammers. As ECM is providing a big fat target


The gallente also have no jamming ships, could we give one of their hulls an ecm bonus to keep them in line with caldari ships?


Leshak: Do a dread’s worth of damage, move around, sig tank, and receive RR. Why do we have dreads again?


Of all the things that you have to balance in eve you decided that ceptors and ECM are the things that need to be changed? I’m actually so confused.


So let’s talk about how ecm will work for solo fights, using say the Griffin Navy Issue as reference…


the griffin navy is now just useless, sorry!


Sure, I can get behind this, if the ECM also functions as tackle, otherwise the Taunt comparison isn’t quite as accurate.

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I would like to be the first to thank the GOON MAJORITY csm for bring great changes to the game from the last summit. now that the 500mn wormhole menace is gone we can finally launch step 5 in our 11 part master plan.

You guys are the best.


Unfortunately, wormholers will be unwilling collateral damage, as they often are, due to the incredible usefulness of HICs for rolling holes.

Yeah, no kidding. This completely ruins some of the basic ways wormholers deal with things, and to see that dismissed with, paraphrased, a “■■■■ wormholers I guess, lol” kind of rankles. Could you not?


You mention that the interceptors have no direct or easy counter, which I can sort of see, but by the same token a cloaky camper also has no direct counter. They sit at a random point in space cloaked for 23 hours out of a day ( depending on their TZ and activity right after downtime) And when they have time, they look for targets, and without much risk (beyond being baited) they summon in a black ops fleet or a regular cyno and take out capitals, miners, haulers, insert ship here and risk vs reward is mostly higher. Now I don’t dislike the mechanic, and I understand it, but it boils down to the ‘you shouldn’t be safe in space’ and they can be. The other changes don’t seem so bad, but the ecm change had best only apply to ships and not structures, after all, all remote reps on the ecm ship as it’s the only target and the dps is easily mitigated.


removing interdiction nullification from selected ceptors ?



“Unfortunately, wormholers will be unwilling collateral damage, as they often are, due to the incredible usefulness of HICs for rolling holes. We may address this with a specific mass manipulation module at some point in the future but want to move forward on fixing this broken behavior as fast as possible.”

RIP Rolling HICs.

Once again CCP treats Wormholers like second class citizens.



ECM is now useless in solo fights, this is the best news ever