Dev blog: Security Update - Q1 2018

One thing you can do is to go to the account management page and change the E mail on your account to one that has not been compromised and is properly secured. That way these script kiddies can run their login pairs all they want without a chance of succes.

Glad the clarification helped. In general it’s safe to assume that CCP does not want to ban or punish anyone and certainly not for tiny etiquette slips :slight_smile: If you ever come across new players who are in doubt about something like this, feel free to poke us and we’ll be happy to help you assure them (sheesh that almost sounds like a trap)

I totally support the idea of Blitz_Hacker. Nowadays so many people have absolutely poor skills in the area of reading and comprehend a simple statement and some statements by CCP or others which were taken out of context are completely misleading. We had a good amount of really stupid press just because someone said something, someone responded to it and people took the ■■■■ out of context and the original meaning/statement didn´t actually play any role anymore. I don´t want to open the can of worms that “Fake News” is but everyone who was involved or is interested in that topic followed the study about it that was fueled by an API grabber. I was shocked how crazy out of line and stupid this ■■■■ became.

Will make botting even worse because now you get a whole bunch of bots that watch the overview on strategic gates and report incoming characters and ships to the intel channels, which then make tools like NEAR2 chime up.

Another misconception is that we´ll ban people for posting ticket replies which is not accurate. Over 15 years we’ve very rarely banned players for violating this clause (single digit number) and it’s always been on the back of a stack of previous warnings or over a wilful attempt to falsify or misconstrue communication for nefarious purposes

I don’t think this sentences aids clarity or particularly helps correct that misconception.

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That would ruin their fun of casting baseless accusations :wink:

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Good news!

CCP support industry standard TOTP for 2FA. And if it’s enabled, you cannot bypass by email (this changed a few weeks ago)

So you can use a mobile phone with google’s authenticator app (or Authy, or a host of others) as a token. Or a windows app.

If you do, I recommend you store a copy of the key for the token somewhere, so you can recover easily from the loss of a phone. Store it in something like a keepass database, which you stick on dropbox or similar. As long as you have a decent password on the database, the chance of it getting hacked is really really small.

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OK. how about checking this?

checking these bots for days now. and according to zkill its been going on for months ( and players keep on reporting them) nothing seems to happen. put some work into it ccp. let a dev track those dudes down, follow their patterns, try to convo them and all the things a GM should be capable of. hell theres even a dedicated ingame ( pretty new channel though) channel to hunt those bots down.

If this keeps going on…we will play Bots online in a few years.

Thought we are already :thinking:
Question is, can CCP still get it back under control?

but bots spam dscan better than humans


With the March release we’ll be extending restrictions so that these accounts will also be unable to extract skillpoints. This further reduces the ability of those who’ve previously breached our rules to be able to avoid further reprimand.


Please clarify are you saying people who got a ban for using say isboxer 3+ years ago but kept paying and playing now can’t use skill extractors now?

Will CCP plan to also ban accounts from the same IP as a bot?
I would expect that given that a person can have multiple accounts, the pain of botting should not land on the toon. It should land on the player.

As far as I know, when CCP bans you, they ban all your accounts.

How would they be paying and playing if they got banned?

For the EvE login, what is the upper limit on password length and are there any illegal symbols excluded from the character set?

I do have a simple question though, I have seen Several bot programs that state “since we use none of the CCP data stream they can not block our program” or some phrase like that. is this true or is ALL botting banned?

2FA and a proper passphrase instead of a password and you´re gucci. If you use 2FA and use a proper email not that free trashmail stuff you´re gucci.

All botting is banned. Just because you’re screen-scraping doesn’t make it in any way okay.

We are talking about a temp ban idget :smile: What you think CCP is announcing the ban of skill injectors and account transfers for currently permaban accounts? … this forum is weird I am replying to Drago_shouna not CCP Guard.

Lol i’m with you now…

But this doesn’t seem to differentiate between players getting bans from now on or players from 3 years ago.

“With the March release we’ll be extending restrictions so that these accounts will also be unable to extract skillpoints. This further reduces the ability of those who’ve previously breached our rules to be able to avoid further reprimand.”

In my mind it says that any account that’s ever received a temp ban or any that will get one will be treat the same way.

Well, I’m using over 30 characters, so I think the length is sufficient.