[Dev Blog] The second timer in M2-XFE

You do know how a node reset works right?
It disconnects literally everyone on the node, and then every single one of them would have to log back in and hope it worked. It puts vastly MORE strain on the node when they log in, so even more people would have had issues.


Come on now, it was obvious from his post he’s clueless about everything he stated. According to him if we all were just less lazy we’d have solved world hunger and diseases by now, that’s the level of reasoning and logic we’re looking at.

So they installed and none of them logged in? Instead, they first went to watch a stream and all then uninstalled.

OK, so I don’t have evidence that this claim is hyperbole, but it doesn’t really pass the sniff test.

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Obviously, you sent them to the wrong stream. If they’d have been watching INN, they would have been amazed at our production values and immediately want to join the Imperium.


Hi, Brisc! You seem a bit excited right now. Are you posting from the Capitol (the World Center of Democracy) right now?

I live about 25 miles outside DC proper.

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