Devblog: Changes Coming To The Neocom In February


(Iskra X) #21

After looking at usage metrics, it became apparent that there was a need to establish a clearer set of folders relevant to activities in EVE, as well as reducing the number of unanchored icons (icons that are outside any folder).

To do this, we took a few factors into consideration, including the most commonly used windows in the client and the most popular activities in New Eden.

In what world are players using the PLEX Vault or NES Store windows more than the Wallet or Regional Market windows?

I’ll answer this for you, they aren’t.

(Arrendis) #22

Different. Teams.

Seriously, what is so hard to get about this? Every damned thing that happens, someone bitches about something else entirely.

CCP: “Our EMTs have completed an overhaul of our equipment and procedures which should see an improvement in saving lives.”
Players: “How dare your EMTs work on improving medical response when they should be streamlining the tax code?!?!?”

Different people within CCP have different jobs. Even the people who are all lumped together into ‘developers’, just like not all ‘public servants’ are legislators.

This is not a thing you should want new players to have to suffer through. Just because we were masochistic enough to do it doesn’t mean they need to be. The more scaleable that cliff is, the more people who try the game are likely to stay with the game.

(Sage Mo) #23

Seems like an okay set of changes (minus the top-level PLEX Vault - really?) that no one was asking for, just like the launcher changes. Really wish CCP’s “usage metrics” were being used for capital ship changes instead of Neocom changes. Weird to have non-sense changes when we haven’t gotten a follow up to their busted chat client and their statement that they’re taking a “serious look” at capital ship balance.

(Soldier Forrester) #24

It’d be great if you’d consider bringing back different colors for the icons so they can be identified at glance, there are just too many simmilar looking rectangle or circle icons.

(Sharcy) #25

Makes more sense this way, so that’s good.

With regard to coloring: the old icons looked… dated and messy. But I agree that some subtle coloring of the different categories would be welcome.

(Rivr Luzade) #26

Will we ever get actual customization for the menu? I do not need that useless Agency window in the main tray. I need that rubbish hidden below as many layers of lead as possible. I want other things, more useful things in the main tray that are currently hidden below said lead.

Fix that already.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #27


since the Activity Tracker and the Map is in windowmode
would it be possible to get a windowsmode for the Ship Tree & the New Eden Store?
would be really cool



(capulis) #28

Structure management requires both the Access list and Structure Browser why are the in different folders?

(Dave-C Patrouette) #29

Please colorize those icons they look bland and atrocious

(Iskra X) #30

Their priority was to put the PLEX Vault and NES on the top level of the UI, the images they’ve provided so far are proof of that.

Aside form that; it’s unfortunate but CCP are not really in touch with the playerbase anymore, as they don’t play the game.

(Alex Covsh) #31

And where did the “Cargo ship” button go? Add it to the ship section, I need it on the neokom panel!:sob:

(ZumZoom) #32

Alright, I logged in just to join the crowd that wants colored icons back!
Seriously, whose stupid decision was to make everything so bland looking?

(Dread Saboteur) #33

Look,more useless stuff!

Could’ve had the decency and put colored icons back but,Noooo

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #34

seen this on sisi, thought to myself, new pilots are gonna have fun finding their ship hanger, for the love of Bob, the most important hanger in the game and it doesn’t have it’s own section, i mean look at it like this, new guy joins game, new guy hits neocom, follows down to ships and can’t understand why the ship hanger is not with the section for ships.

(Le Mittani) #35

What a joke. Who uses the NES and Plex wallet more than the market and their own wallet? Can’t wait till you guys miss your income targets and lose half the purchase price.

(Matterall) #36

These are great changes. Thanks CCP for cleaning stuff up.

(Xaar) #37

Please add the video billboard submissions this time to the February release and bring back coloured icons.

(Beetle) #38

Hey, people bitching without even reading the blog. Here’s some relevant quotes:

Don’t be alarmed however, this should not change your current state. It will only affect newly created characters!

While these changes will affect the folder system within the Neocom, they will have minimal effect on the Quick Access Bar itself.

As we go forward, we’ll be looking into more holistic solutions as to how pilots can pin windows to their Neocom Quick Access Bar.

Moreover maybe some people confuse Neocom with Quick Access Bar. CCP it may not be a bad idea to add a screenshot straight from SISI like this to the dev blog. Click on it to expand it:

…as some people seem to never have gone past picture books and you can talk to them only with screenshots. Why people come to bitch without even reading what the changes are?

And God forbid I don’t mean something legit like colored buttons.
Or Ship section still having a button for bays.
I even have my own suggestion CCP - when this goes live, please give easy access to how changes look for the new players because some people like me who like to help them will have possibly hard way to tell new players what is where in Neocom, as Neocom will be different for old and new players.
While I’m all for making ways for newbies to learn easier, the sheer amount of stuff means there is always gonna be someone somewhere who needs things pointed out, hopefully only at 1st.

(nomadd79) #39

How about making it so we can create our own folders on the neocom?

(Tia Beteran) #40

For a second, when they mentioned folders, I though we might get an actual folder type asset system, my bad

/me Goes back to her coffee and shooting s*it