Devblog: Changes Coming To The Neocom In February


(Nice Nicholas) #41

What a waist of time, this did not need changing and adds nothing to the game. Fix the stuff that means something like local

(Vollhov Jr) #42

One of my old favorite screenshots :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #43

Do we get a free parot? I would like a green one please.


(Avaelica Kuershin) #44

My initial response to this:

Will some of the second level entries be able to be moved to top level as part of customisation?
Why is Activity Tracker under Personal rather than Activities?
Why do N.E.S and PLEX Vault get top level entries?

(N.E.S has been removed from Neocom on most of my accounts (I’ve forgotten to do that on 2) along with some other infrequently used buttons)

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #45

You have roughly a month and a half left before your promised deadline for the Wardec revamp runs out.


We get that they are separate teams working in different stuff but is there not a priority list that’s being worked on and checked off? They don’t have a “UI team” so it’s not like this is just a group of developers that released something that only they could work on.

The proper thing to do is allocate your resources where you need them most, like BALANCE. That’s a strange word, CCP never seems to use it. Hm.

(Lara Agnon) #46

A redesign is not bad in my opinion. As was mentioned before, I also have a hard time to tell the icons apart because many look alike.
Here is a suggestion how icons should look like to efficiently telling them apart: colors

(SillyWaif) #47

I realize I am only a 13 year old vet (yep in EVE since 2006) so what do i know … can you please KEEP the item hanger and ship hanger icons?! Those are literally the top two shortcut icons/buttons I have in my Neocom. Or make it so that I can bring them back after your changes are implemented?!

I know that opening them through the Inventory or by using shortcuts is apparently your preferred option but I am very mouse orientated and do as much as I can with just the mouse.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #48

Hey for April fools day you should make a dev post about how you’re releasing a balance pass…

(Donaldo Duck) #49

You forget you also removed the “corphangar” and “deliveries”

With more than 20 ships in hangar and many, many cans to “sort” all the non-stackable BPCs the least favourite thing is to use the general inventory-window.

soooo, no thanks!

at least im preperared, even if this means some new letters to remember…
(only “ship” and “item” has a default, the other removed items not)

btw: why is a “plex VAULT” not in/an inventory?

(Tonto Auri) #50

Because it’s a quick access to an inventory window.

(Saeka Tyr) #51

Looks good but could we please bring back some color to the neocom?

(Tonto Auri) #52

@CCP: Split Station’s “Hangars” button into separate “Ships” and “Items” already.
It’s been over ten years.

(Leiron) #53

Make it customizable or don’t mess with it.

Dumbing down versus balancing and content creation make me go hmmm??


(Donaldo Duck) #54

yeah, then lets remove it - the other ones were a quick access, too

what i mean is why is it in the main category, while the name (vault) suggest its an inventory location

(Fej Reblok) #55

Maybe I don’t quite understand the mockup but with the words next to the icons it seems that the new neocom is ALOT WIDER than the current one. While this might be good for the neocom, I don’t want to give up important screen space just for a better neocom. Will it be possible to have a narrow - icon only - version of these folders?

(Fej Reblok) #56

you can sort of - right click on the neocom and “Create group” - then you can drag other icons into that “group”

(Copper Rei) #57

I absolutely despise that changes are constantly being made to things that do not need it.
I still go to my journal by habit to look for my escalations because the ‘Agency’ is cumbersome and you can’t just put up a small window displaying your escalations.
Like everyone has done for years, I remove the icons I don’t use and add the ones I do, then I sort them as I am most comfortable using them.

The new players we are attracting must be pretty simple minded from all the boring one click gaming they have become accustomed to.
If there is a concern with half witted simpletons not being able to find their own inventory, direct them back to the exhausting cumbersome tutorials or maybe, just maybe add some useful content on the Neocom to the Wiki.
If they want to be even half way decent at playing and navigating EvE, they need to learn to read and actually put in at least some minimal effort toward finding their answers.
It really isn’t too damn difficult to press the F12 key and type a question.

Wasted time, effort and money to further cater to a lazy as hell generation of ‘fix it FOR me’ ‘I want it NOW’ worthless turds.

Just my opinion, not that CCP has ever really cared what the community as a whole really wants.

(Mike Azariah) #58

Well that is another of my vids officially aged out. Once the new interface is out I will see if another lesson needs to be made


(Foggy Bernstein) #59

So you’re going to set it up around botting?

(Kurumi Amelana) #60

Please set the logout button in a visible place, for newbee.