Devblog: Changes Coming To The Neocom In February


(Fluffy Moe) #61

Ummm, just some things …

Why is Map under activities ? Map is not an activity it is just a Map. Please google it or consult your favorite official encyclopedia if you don’t believe me. While it is sometimes used as a verb, we are not mapping anything in Eve, not contributing to the map and/or not creating it.

Why is ship inventory and station inventory on a secondary menu while plex and the store on primary ? Do you think people access plex vault and the store more then they do their inventories and wallets ?

Please put things that are accessed the most on primary while things that are not, on the secondary menus.

Overall I see this as yet another waste where you guys could have done some changes that are actually truly needed.

Best thing you could do, is set the most common things used in Eve such as inventories, wallet, ship fitting, D-scan as their own default buttons on Neocon. For the longrun, make it so everyone can just remove or place anything they want on there, no need to have unneeded stuff.

(Krandas Brackentech) #62

The current Neocom organization has actually been frustrating at times and this reorganization makes complete sense. Thanks for noticing this needed to be done.

(Leah Crowleymass) #63

This. A million times this.

Once more for the people in the back.

Different people have different jobs and work on different parts of the game.

(Xuxe Xu) #64


(Arrendis) #65

Dat '80s hair. Man, that takes me back.

(Pace eGuerra) #66

I think you can 10x or even 100x the value of this change if you included colour icons.

(Spacepilot101) #67

To everybody arguing about CCP should rather be fixing local instead of making new UI for the game… Well the part of the dev team responsible for UI makes UI because thats their job. If the changes are good or bad is debatable, but criticising every step CCP takes does not bring us forward in any way. Sure coloured icons would be neat, but structuring them in a way cou can find stuff more easily is also important.

(Black Ambulance) #68

@CCP_Falcon everyone wants a coloured icons.

(cBOLTSON) #70

You have a team of how many people working on EVE and that is your entire output for a month or more?

(cBOLTSON) #71

Its as if we might have had something like this before… hummmmmmm lol

(Scaugh) #72

Let me see… Where do I start with the feedback without ending up with a wall of text.

Neocon services I generally don’t use are now top of the neocon tree(s) such as the NES, PLEX Vault, Personal and The Agency,

TLDR: let me delete, adjust and personalise all neocon icons and all will be forgiven.

(Rivr Luzade) #73

@CCP_Avalon Have you still not come around to integrate a picture gallery for the page? This slew of pics to scroll through is very inconvenient.

(AJ Osiris) #74

The last time there was a major change to Capital Ships we all had to create a new character for the Defense Carriers and no more having Carriers that can do offense as well as defense.
You could end up with something as bad as that idea.

(Shaftmaster Mastershafts) #75

These icons look so boring compared to the old school colorized ones.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #76


(Arrendis) #77

uh… wat?

(Nicolai Serkanner) #78

A drop down menu … what a novel idea!

(Mingja) #79

I am pretty sure these teams could have been used on a more… productive thing. Overhauling the UI and making it bad in the process (these screenshots are horrific, if that’s the unchangable future then blearg) and the new and improved Billboard, erm Launcher ofc. seem like a complete waste in terms of value for players.

Noone wanted it (this way), Noone (really) needed it but then again, maybe there weren’t enough Police Skins sold and they thought it’s related to not having enough space for adds on the launcher…

I don’t know man, I am usually one that tries to be reasonable but what they did to the launcher and what they plan to do here feels completely unreasonable to me.

(Tonto Auri) #80

Speak for yourself.

(Jerry Falcone) #81

Um the csm summit is this month. Calm down. They will get to it.