Devblog: Changes Coming To The Neocom In February


(Garent Dullared) #82

No but it is an obvious sales ploy

(CCP Explorer) #83

You can customize the Neocom Quick Access Bar as before.

(CCP Explorer) #84


(The forums require at least a 5 letter reply so here’s more text.)

(CCP Explorer) #85

I’m so glad to see that we are in absolute agreement. Here’s the default Neocom Quick Access Bar on Singularity right now:


(Odinegras) #86

Does this even need a devblog? It seems like such an irrelevant change.

@CCP_Avalon Naming the folders the same as one of the thing inside it is gonna be confusing, that needs fixing

(Odinegras) #87

The removal of remote repair from carriers and the addition of faxes to the game, made all capital pilots have to have an additional account… for the current meta.

(CCP Explorer) #88

The previous list was:


The new list is:


(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #89

What does the CSM summit have anything to do with this deadline?

(Scaugh) #90

What is this clapping hands icon that is now at the top of my neocon?
Is it the Viking Clap and you are looking for praise for making changes?
Can I delete the default icons from the Neocon?

So many questions and so little time.

(Jerry Falcone) #91

When was the supposed deadline? I never saw an actual date. But with the summit coming up, they’ll bounce ideas off of the csms.

(Jerry Falcone) #92

Seriously? Were you living under a rock? That’s the Agency icon.

(Arrendis) #93

No it didn’t. It just meant you couldn’t be both at once anymore without either a second account, or being bad at it, same as it is in subcaps.

And in the current meta, you’d need that alt anyway, because the current meta is titans and supercarriers, neither of which triaged back then.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #94

During their Eve Vegas presentations they said they would have a finished and revamed wardec system at the end of Q1 2019.

(Jerry Falcone) #95

March 31. Plenty of time

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #96

You obviously haven’t been around long enough to experience what time is like on CCP’s schedule. Am I being negative, sure… but I wasn’t always this way. CCP did this to me :slight_smile:

(Jerry Falcone) #97

8 yrs give or take

(Arrendis) #98

There was never any reason to believe that deadline, though. They’re only addressing half the system, it’s gonna take forever to get anything really done. (Highsec warfare mechanics are as much about Crimewatch as Wardecs).

(Aadris) #99


You guys say you redesigned the NeoCom for new players but decided it should STILL be monochrome?! Serious question: did you test it with a single person outside the company / usual devs / internal testers that are familiar with the current one?

If you want to make it accessible to new players - make the icons different colours like they used to be. I have played Eve since 2003 and when I came back recently I could barely tell the icons apart for a long time. It’s totally unintuitive and bland. I know someone on the ui team thinks the design looks nice and sleek with all the icons being the same colour, but they’re extremely nondescript and hard to tell apart. UIs are actually meant to be used by people, they’re not just a pure graphic design exercise.

I honestly despair at this, 5 minutes of external testing would give you a clear answer that coloured icons are more easy to recognise on what is already a complex and overwhelming UI for any new players. I am a game dev and we bring in hordes of players from the public under NDAs to test during development - you have to test / question your assumptions about what players like all the time, or you get stuck in a rut like this. Come on guys.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #100

You’re right.

(Makshima Shogo) #101

You didn’t enable colour icon mode? Check your options.