Devblog: Changes Coming To The Neocom In February

Inventory could be holdings, belongings or property

Industry, could be production or whatever.

Hah thanks, although those are some very mildly coloured icons. Unfortunately I think being able to tell them apart is not just colour related but clearly more due to the actual design of the icons, they’re so simplified they just don’t stick out like the old ones.


also , could you please implement an option to “disable radial menu” somewhere in General settings ?


For those not used to the old icons the new ones are probably easier to tell apart. Colour actually complicates decision making and recognition

I’m assuming you mean for the ship? It’s in the settings.

LOL i missed the menu button settings , :heart: thanks a lot

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Np. Couldn’t tell ya the exact spot, but I disabled mine like a year ago when I realized I could

I still feel the difference when I try and use the NeoCom. When it went monochrome, I learnt the short cut keys because it was so frustrating not spotting the icon I wanted immediately.


I feel like this is one of those things that’s true for some but not all. I honestly wouldn’t even call this a general rule of thumb. I still to this day keep opening the wrong menus with the current NeoCom and struggle to discern the icon I’m looking for even after scanning up and down several times. Even muscle memory seems to help little, surprisingly. I cannot recall anytime I’ve ever done that with the old one. Granted, the color scheme was not the only difference, but it’s what I recognized sooner when searching for the right button to press.

Thing is I’ve quite often heard this complaint from both new and old players alike, too, so it’s not just a matter of being more used to the old NeoCom either. Bottom line is that in the current design the buttons are way too similar in appearance to one another. Anything that could add more distinction would undoubtedly help, not just color. Adding color is just the most obvious suggestion that comes to mind for most apart from redesigning the buttons outright.


hmm, must be an omega only thing…

lol, no I was joking just photoshopped quickly, CCP would prob kill me irl for doing such horrible things to their clean icon’s. Personally I prefer the Icon’s that we have now, although colour wouldn’t be bad either if its only using 2 maybe 3 strong colour’s.

Everything that is different would feel weird at first and we would easily just adapt.

You are an evil person. :smiley:

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Ah. I cancelled sub, and I know as an alpha, you lose the opportunity to use custom colors and such, so I thought that was legit … lol.


(Again I must add text since each reply must be more than 5 letters and “Yes.” is therefore deemed insufficient. You can customize the Neocom Quick Access Bar as you need.)


I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the withdrawal of the storange buttons of the station and the hangar!

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When do we get voice commands?

I realize i’m really, really late to the party and i apologize for this kind of necromancy, but i need to add my voice to the ones who want the return of ship- and item hangar icons.
For me, the current system is pretty inconvenient to use. Previously it was a simple click followed by a double-click to move my butt into a different ship.
And yeah, the difference isn’t that bad (e.g. just one click more) if you don’t have a lot of stuff on the station you’re on, but as previous posters have said this situation quickly deteriorates once you have even a mediocre amount of ships (like 20 or so), a dozen containers, and a corp hangar full of crap (e.g., even more containers) on said station.

The removal of those buttons is especially hard to understand for me since i can’t imagine any good reason that would warrant the removal of the EVE-equivalent of desktop shortcuts. Like, none at all. If you want to un-clutter the Neocom menu then please just let us drag & drop the ship/item hangar icon from the inventory window to the sidebar to pin them there… Pleeeease?

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