Devblog: EVE: Aether Wars - Round One!

I agree, at half five in the UK and probably the rest of Europe people are still trying to get home from work. 1900 or 1930 would have been better, but then again they were streaming live at a show.

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I had a go at this. The grid wasn’t one solid mass. It was lots of smaller boxes put together, but in such a way that you could be shot at and destroyed by someone outside your grid, but within theirs.

It was rather frustrating, but other than that it went rather well. I only had time for a short test of it, but I don’t think this would ever work for EVE.

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Can we have the next test on Saturday maybe?


GDC has passed forget “next test” :joy:

I like watching it but when I when I participate in it my connection is not working and I wanted to be a part of that it’s really cool how you guys do the space in the actions in nature and the behavior

Að leggja höfuðið í bleyti

In the US it was early afternoon/late morning, so many of us were actually at work. Couldn’t even watch the stream live.

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