Devblog: EVE Invasion World Tour: Round Three - EVE Down Under

Check out this devblog for more details on EVE Down Under, the third leg of the EVE Invasion World Tour!

Read all about it here!


Wish I could go


So am I. I hope you live-stream some of the event because I am excited about the keynote.

The last keynote wasn’t streamed it seems, so having it streamed from Sydney would be very nice.


They really should stream it. I would surely watch.

From the devblog, the EDU team will be streaming some things on their channel, but CCP won’t. No idea why, really. You’d think the longest (and only 4-day) event on the calendar would rate time on their twitch channel.

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Edu have streamed the event themselves the last few years, in keeping with the local feel for events, they will be streaming elements this year as well.

Ah, gotcha.

Well I have to be in Adelaide on 23 and 24, but then Sydney on 27, so may as well make best use of the weekend and be there.

While there’s a lot going on at the event over the course of four days, the actual schedule of presented content occurs over 1.5 of those days.

The rest is social stuff and activities for attendees that it’d make no sense to stream and would not be practical to do so.

A huge part of the World Tour is celebrating these events and making sure they retain their flavour and their sense of what makes the unique. EDU have done a great job with their streaming efforts in the past, so we felt it was best to keep to tradition so the event still feels like EDU.

EDU is always a hit! Such a good event.

I’ll be there :grin:

Due to personal reasons I will have to attend another year… If i could give my ticket away to someone I would…also flight Brisbane to Sydney return.

One more sleep :smile: then off to Sydney

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