Devblog: EVE Online: Invasion - Coming May 28th!

Just to mention, CCP tested NPCs knocking down player structures a while back - I’m pretty certain there’s going to be a lot more happening in affected systems than just simple, predictable combat sites. Content to seriously disrupt affected areas (and likely proper plunder from pushing the invaders out) makes these a lot more attractive to me than simple incursions.


Is it a simple copy/paste of the Nation Incursions ?

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With regards to “what will be the consequences”: I very much hope CCP fries the servers with this incursion stuff. That would be great.


Are we ever going to be able to create characters that look this good? Or is this just for show? I wanna see some new hairstyles!


Will signatures and anomalies will be visible in agency window from anywhere in space, even if systems were not visited? There is a concerning topic on reddit.


I seriously hope that …

… they’re nothing like incursions.
… they’re everywhere.
… people are getting ■■■■■■.
… tears. tons of tears about losses. from everyone … no exception!

It would be glorious! :blush:


I hope not, exploration is already too easy.



Are you saying you’d like to have multiple NPC’s constantly bothering you while you’re doing something else?


More PvE and more PvP nerfs… more reasons to not come back


It won’t be exploration anymore, because nothing will be left to explore.


I wonder how many years in the foreground will be the Triglavians ?
As if there are no other factions in New Eden. :fu:

Yes! Exactly! And this isn’t a stab at anyone at all! This is me believing that they’re not going to repeat the same mistake again, creating PvE content for a tiny amount of people.

This is content in our game world! Am I the only one left who remembers that EVE isn’t a collection of mini-games, where people jump from doing one thing to the next? I remember when it was still an RPG, where characters carve out their path and experience things they can’t in other games.

The difference between an invasion and an incursion seems a bit complicated.

As nouns the difference between invasion and incursion is that invasion is a military action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of conquering territory or altering the established government while incursion is an aggressive movement into somewhere; an invasion.

Yes, complicated. No, an incursion isn’t an invasion per se. An incursion can be a short, brief invasion of a specific area for whatever reason, where the invaders (!) leave after achieving their objective. Like farming enough people for a zombie army.

An actual invasion, on the other hand, is when they plan on staying. Pirates shipping to an island, invading a small town killing everyone and robbing everything they have … that’s an incursion. Pirates shipping to an island, invading a small town killing everyone and staying there … that’s an invasion.

So what I absolutely hope for is that there is an entity that will try to make the game actually dangerous again, put actual content into it again, make sure people actually have to make sure they’re not getting killed. Less convinience, less lazyness, less apathy, less playing for ISK and more playing for playing’s sake.

So, yeah … I can tell you that, if this hits and they’re trying to kill everyone …
… then I’ll be right there defending New Eden …
… and hopefully I’ll go out in a thousand glorious explosions.

And you with me! :smiley:


If the Triglavians evolved from the Enheduanni, as they already seem to be a branch of Second Empire Jove, then the story continues just fine - the Drifters and the Trigs may come from the same origin, and they’re on their way towards all-out war~

Notice how this is “Chapter 1” of Invasion :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for the Trigs becoming the next playable race. :smiley:
I’m damn sure it’s going to happen! :smiley:

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Only the first chapter.
It’s so long to endure them in the news. :roll_eyes:
Eh … the poor remaining factions have forgotten about them for about five years. :joy:

I will go events of 2008, I read them there and then more and more diverse

That’s all fine and great. I also agree with your sentiment.

However, Capsuleer Corporations and Alliances can only control territory in Null Sec space whereas High Sec and Low Sec space is controlled by various NPC Factions.

Since these new NPC’s are invading New Eden, then the various NPC Factions that currently control territory here should also be involved and help Capsuleers fight the invasion.

If that’s not the case, and this new content is implemented like the current FOB’s or Sansha Incursions, then the Dev time and resources used to create it was wasted.


Tell that to incurions, where CONCORD and the empires let Sanshas kidnap hundreds of billions of people so far. No, they don’t give a single ■■■■ and they’re certainly not needed. Hell, I’d shoot the faction navies too for trying to steal my kills! :angry:

You can have your opinions, of course, but they’re just that. :slight_smile:


I am worried there will not be enough testing of the sites and event before it goes live and we could see a very disappointing invasion.
Also testing of a group based pve system your devs will have far fewer test subjects since it’s hard to gather 10-20 player groups doing sites even for several hours of testing .


Great. More power creep.


I’m glad CCP are expanding the Mutaplasmid content… hopefully it will cover most combat modules at some point.

Oh, and the Tech 2 ammo in faction weapons change is awesome :parrotwave4:

However… I would rather a Triglavian/Drifter battleship did not invade my mission deadspace pocket and zap me with a super-weapon :confused: