Devblog: EVE World Tour 2019

(Tora Bushido) #21

When and where can I buy tickets for Amsterdam? These things need to be done quick, so I can book a hotel asap.

(Francis McLean) #22

WTB Eve Seattle or Vancouver

(Caroline Inkunen) #23

Here…still waiting for this Machine female cover full song CCP Gurard.

(Aedaxus) #24

In January they will put more info and order link. The nearby hotel will be sold out fast but there are cheap youthhostels nearby.

(Chutlanin) #25

hey Guard, if i buy to you shot of vodka, you will drink with me?

(Marcus A Kormienko) #26

I wish when you come to Tampa Florida and picking a close by hotel to do your convention I was able to attend because I have some few things I want to talk about. Because of my situation that I am in a very beautiful entertainment that is designed from people who are the same side of the world as I am not from the United States but just from the same size as world is I am supposed to be. And other things that have him confidentially been trying to keep new people from participating any further. There’s a point when you have ganked somebody. And there’s a point when you have people who have no idea because they’re brand new end game.

(Marcus A Kormienko) #27

Well I have Cabernet Sauvignon from Normandy France and cheese from cherryville de ville Normandy. And I’m enjoying playing the game as well. Far away from the stupid idiots named riot

(Bodhi Sattva) #28

Does anyone know the location for Toronto???

(Tora Bushido) #29

Thanks. Hotel booked. Anyone going to Evesterdam, who wants a 15 euro discount via booking dot com , ask me for the booking url.

(Marcus Kormienko) #30

I know this is a Dev blog and I know Eve is a particular place where you could easily get annihilated in game. But all the photographs are not against Eve at tire lie. All the photographs I saw you now I’m hoping that you guys will not disapprove. Because I am trying very hard to enjoy something and not be without anything to enjoy. cuz I like this a lot it’s a lot of fun if you have ships to use and not people outside the station when you got a brand new ship and you lose it the same time. A brand new ship and then gone. I don’t have any reason to hate anything about this I just want you guys to know something has to be done just to make it fair play. Because they’re play brings in more people and more dollars not saying what to do with this Eve online or Eve tranquility or Valkyrie. Really trying to enjoy something here and every time I get one brand new ship I go in the station I buy this ship I fit it in as soon as I go out the door they destroy me. I visit with my people do I join the corporation the same thing. And the corporation they don’t help you. They’re not even around talking to you.

(Marcus Kormienko) #31

I wish I could see you down here in Tampa Florida because I have family in Canada but don’t know what the hell to do with them since they don’t talk to me anymore

(boernl) #32

i would like to know wich devs are going to be there in evesterdam so i can come prepaired
sicne im going to be there

(Marcus Kormienko) #33


(Atin Adestur) #34

Yeah, I’m wondering that too. I mean I’m close enough to bus in and out so I’m not worried about hotel so it’s not vital for me.

(Apo Lamperouge) #35

Sorry I don’t check this forum account very often.

Until CCP_Guard gives the go-ahead, we cannot announce the venue. However, he has stated that it is in Downtown Toronto so if I was someone planning on coming to Eve North, (I will be there actually but I mean that in a general way) I would be looking at accommodations in the downtown core.

I wish I could tell you more, but those CONCORD battleships are starting to yellow box me.

(Coren Ginton) #36

What about Turkey ? :frowning:

(Othello Nightstar) #37

I’m going to do my damndest to see you in Sydney and try and bring a few good mates

(Nana Skalski) #38

Probably only roasted.

(Dimitri Renalard) #39

Is there a link I’m missing to get to ticket purchases? :smiley:

(Jin Kazuja) #40

And again CCP don’t see little country like Estonia. There meny EVE Online players live. Why they not do some meeting in Tallinn / Estonia… !!! We wate you… Jin Kazuja, Psydorf Hekard, Ossu EST and many more…