Devblog: EVE World Tour 2019

(Aedaxus) #41

I booked the hotel too. I found a link to order the evesterdam event (2017) too and got the OLD ticket and partly got it refunded :smiley: ! I might add a “That guy” patch to my costume…
Links are not up yet…

I’m so exited!

(Igaze) #42

Time off work booked and it’s looking like there will be nice group from Signal Cartel representing in Toronto! Now to get hotel and flights.

(boernl) #43

yh im going and im not 100% sure but i think ill go in a overall :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dimitri Renalard) #44

I believe many of us still need location information + Ticket sale information (Per Event) to begin arranging travel.

(CaseyLP) #45

Can’t wait!

(scottysg1) #46

Can’t wait :slight_smile: don’t have to drag the kids all the way to Iceland this year lol

(Aedaxus) #47

I have ordered the EVEsterdam 2019 ticket !

(Saint Chuthulhu) #48

Ticket, Hotel and Flight booked. Can’t wait

(Peri Stark) #49

Have you seen the prices for hotels and parking in Toronto? I may have to reconsider going.

(Igaze) #50

Check the B&B’s and smaller places. We found one that wasn’t too bad that’s a 15 minute train ride from the venue. A nice thing about the venue is it’s at the confluence of the major transit line in Toronto. That said, you are correct that Toronto is not in any way cheap.

(Dom Arkaral) #51

Deals are coming out tomorrow (the 22nd) for the event

(Geneve Madeveda) #52

Hi Everyone!
It’s 12AM local time in Toronto, Jan 22nd. Where is the link to purchase tickets? LOL. I can’t wait to go.

(Bodhi Sattva) #53

Toronto??? Tickets??? Hello???

(Arthur Aihaken) #54

EVE “Turning Off The Lights” World Tour 2019.
Enjoy the last set of EVE player events…