I guess not announcing them means players have to take care of finding information themselves.
It’s not wrong to assume players are capable of staying up to date all by themselves.

I guess that these last two devblogs aren’t actually fit for the mainstream …
… and it is expected that the Nerds, who care about these last two, will find these devblogs all by themselves anyway.

Which is …
… well …
… correct.

This line-of-thought would work well if it didn’t read like it was written for mainstream-ish people.
Anyhow … I wouldn’t mind at all if they stopped announcing their devblogs entirely.

Long story short, here you are …

… you peasants. : - )


Considering that the overall average amount of gigabytes of RAM per computer is only going to increase in the next decade …
… this reads like a threat!

Looking at launcher is so hard that you have to throw mountains of ■■■■ around?

They didn’t make discussion topic because there isn’t much to discuss. Mainly informative stuff for tech nerds. And they know how to find new dev blogs.

Thank you for repeating my point.

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