Why 4GB update after server downtime?

What am I doing wrong? There is not any big patch announced and after downtime my launcher is downloading 4GB. Why?

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1GB here…

1GB here today. Just new assets for Villore and surrounding systems, I bet. CCP does not announce patches anymore. They just happen nowadays, and wreck your client or the cluster unexpectedly. (Exception are Expansions)

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The thing is, I play every single day, so there is no chance of me missing any updates. I have not chosen “Download the full EVE client” on the launcher.

I had nearly 5GB. I login daily and am therefore always fully patched, so quite why the monster today?

@CCP_Bee - care to explain?

Two systems got massively changed in ways that normally never happens, that probably means those updated files are some sort of “core” (and probably thus big) files. Beyond that it’s probably pre patching, why demand explanations for these things.


There was a patch? You can read the patch notes.

PATCH NOTES FOR 2023-11-28.1

Features & Changes:


  • The continuing chaos brought upon by the Pirate Insurgencies has encouraged the Gallente Federation to carry on with their security audits, with Villore’s rating increasing further to 0.7. Navy strongholds, installations, and outposts have been constructed in Arnon and Parchanier to increase their defensive power as well, raising their security to 0.7.
  • The Minmatar Republic, in response to the Angel Cartel insurgencies, has similarly built military facilities in Hek, raising its security status to 0.6.

Mine was like 898mb, what did you guys break?

It’s an online game. There’s always something downloading. Plus CCP is implementing new stuff so there will be more downloading than usual.
4GB worth of stuff… yikes.
I gotta get that external drive pronto.

Mine was 4gb as well.

Sometimes EVE takes a lot. Sometimes it gives a lot.

Ive received a lot from EVE. Now is the time for EVE to take from me.

After all, EVE is love, EVE is life.

So we’re gonna have to deal with ridiculously large updates every time a system changes security level??

Can we please for the love of god just let the game EXIST for 6 months without adding or subtracting anything… my laws.

You can’t do anything because it’s all up in the air every 2 damn weeks.


Well don’t be surprised when you get big updates.

It was also a bunch of stations and whatnot.

Maybe the download size depends on the character/account selected and its graphical settings or assets in space or current location?

ngl these large patches are getting annoying.

Trying to log in first time today after downtime… 4.2GB update on the launcher…seriously? Yesterday was the same. I change the setting on the launcher yesterday, after Malak Starfire suggested that could be the reason. I have “download the full EVE game client” ticked up and nothing changes, the same old story over 4 damn GB again :frowning:

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Such big sizes can indicate a lot of things, can be some new textures, new audio or video files. Or can be as suggested earlier something in big file that have to be shipped together. One thing is strange tho, its the sizes differ massively for users. Could be the patcher knows which files you would use mostly? By regions visited? Who knows, we can only wonder, or ask developers… :thinking:

Or some patcher bug?

I noticed I have had this problem since they introduced the Deatheless and new FW stuff. I work from home and travel a lot so staying at hotels is normal. On the hotel wifi this damn 4.2 GB takes 2 hours at best. I just wanna play ffs :frowning:

Maybe it thinks you have not downloaded it each time, because your location changes? I dont know how it works. I can only guess.

But it’s never been like that before.