Launcher Updates

What is it with the 170+ MB launcher updates every single day? There has only been one day out of the past two weeks that my launcher hasn’t downloaded an update.

Edit: Now it just downloaded another 650 MB


I dunno, but from the patch notes they look to be all of 1k in changes…

CCP slowly downloading Skynet to every PC they can reach…


The NSA already does that through the built in backdoor micro$oft provides for them. :wink:


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There was a sizeable patch of over 600MB today and we don’t have patch notes for that.


Yeah, for quite a while now it seemed to me the Launcher was downloading something almost every day.

Definitely was bugging me so I decided to start taking notes… On July 4th and every day since then I’ve been taking notes of the Launcher Downloads.

This is what I’ve got so far…

Launcher opened
162.78 MiB Downloaded
Message (Update ready)
Changelog 1.6.0
Other: Updated framework version

Launcher opened
162.45 MiB Downloaded
Message (Update ready)
Changelog 1.6.1
Fix: Preventing issue that could cause new installs via Steam or Epic to fail to start a second time

Launcher opened
No Download

Launcher opened
No Download

Launcher opened
No Download

Launcher opened
162.48 MiB Downloaded
No Message
No Changelog

Launcher opened
172.65 MiB Downloaded
No Message
No Changelog

Launcher Details for 7-11-24 will be added right after Downtime…

Anyway, I’m not a computer programmer so it’s definitely confusing… not to mention a bit irritating to know there’s unknown data constantly being downloaded into my computer… Probably should have an isolated external drive specifically just for Eve…


Launcher opened
162.54 MiB Downloaded
No Message
1.63 GiB Downloaded
No Message
No Changelog

Still got that 162+ MiB Download… No clue what that is… Then the Launcher immediately jumped into the 1.63 GiB Download…


Do you sign in every day? :thinking:

Just wondering if you download several days worth of patches at once or you get different size downloads than others as DMC listed he gets like 160~ MiB on a fairly daily basis.


Kinda curious. Funny thought: All that data just to download the latest launcher ads. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :blush: :psyccp:


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I religiously sign in every day right after DT. :wink:

Then it’s very odd you get different DL size than DMC for example.

Btw do you farm some COSMOS stuff or something or just left behind drones or something else?

I don’t do anything of that sort.

The back door is the windows system itself - it’s a rats nest of bugged code extending back to 1980…

…longer ago than EVE :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Then why do you sign in right after DT? Or if you do so anyway why not do some of those I’ve listed just for something extra to do?

I hope you are enjoying the current 1.6gig update @QuakeGod
Me personally I love content and when I have to dl something its an ooo moment while searching patch notes.

Just check this every time it does a dl and it will show you everything that was changed.
Like today everything was about skin’s and some text changes for new the new structures and stuff.


Ahh good point, I didn’t even consider that aspect.

However those Downloads happen a lot more frequently compared to Launcher Ads being changed.

Exploration is a lot of fun after DT. EVE has a lot of things to offer to do right after DT, in addition to what was mentioned. :slight_smile:

You do realize that Patch Notes are there to show all the changes pushed to the servers, right´? You shouldn’t need to sift through arcane websites to figure out what changed. That would make PNs pointless.

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So, since no one has asked the obvious question:
Do you have the client set to “download all”?

Also, and this is speculation:
If the updater works by updating chunks of stuff - for example “update to ship models block of stuff” then moving to higher resolution and more ships as has happened over the decades Eve has been around, then these “it’s only a small update block” have become inconveniently large.

Interesting that the recent Carbon client trial happened. I suspect that engine has a more efficient updater in it. Remember CCP will be paying for the outbound bandwidth.

Eve is is an old game, the infrastructure is slowly being overhauled - but non-sexy infrastructure stuff is important, but less appreciated than the shinies that depend on it.

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AFAIK some feature are uploaded but not activated (yet) for all launchers.
So you may receive incremental updates on feature you can’t notice. And if the updates are frequently merged, this means frequent incremental updates.

This can include new graphical models.

Also, a X MB update does not necessarily means that you have to download all X MB.
It may be that X MB of resource have new components, so you can only download those new components and keep the old ones.

I guess you mean ‘Download the full Eve game client’…

No, I don’t have that selected in the Launcher…

I did have that option selected a while back but every time I opened the Launcher, it would do a massive Download. Should only have to Download the full Eve game client once, after that it should only be small updates and new game patches

I suspect that “massive download” was the interaction of the updater with the setting of “download all” - download all groups that have updated because there are old copies here. Rather than “he’s never used that, I’ll keep the old one”.
The update seems to just synchronise everything that you have downloaded at any point whether or not it’s been accessed recently.

There’s probably an experiment of “how much does a new minimum install update require?” compared to “how much does an old update with a larger amount of downloaded asset require”?

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Why are we questioning the infinite wisdom of our CCP overlords!?! :clown_face: :joy: :joy: