Devblog - New Year Security Update!


(Cypherous) #111

Problem is, this doesn’t really actually “do” anything, character names don’t actually mean much and even if you name and shame them, what exactly do you get out of it? all it would do is create pointless spam threads about who was cheating, just ban them and move on, who they were doesn’t really matter

(Cypherous) #112

No thanks, i already do enough to secure my account, i don’t really need 2FA forced on me just so i can participate in login rewards

(Cypherous) #113

So your solution to help stamp out RMT, which isn’t illegal its just against the EULA, is to “hack” websites they don’t own, which is very much illegal?

CCP can only really enforce that people stop using their IP in relation to things, DMCA is basically what gets things removed on ebay, they won’t ever completely stamp out RMT and they are painfully aware of this fact themselves, what they can do is limit it like they have, but outside of that there isn’t really much they can do, and i definitely don’t think their legal department is going to sign off on illegal activities to attempt to reduce RMT :stuck_out_tongue:

(Aeliyah Thor) #114

Its a kinda useless update as I seem to be seeing more and more bots and nothing is being done about it. Guess NS-corps bitch too much to CCP :thinking:

(Boomshake) #115

more than 7 days none reply to ticket for baning my account!!! What is happening with EvE , CCP etc…
How is going with that “report bot”, someone is hating me in system and report me and I get baned? And I see in that system still is bot with orca and 9 procs…

(Kazka Bandit) #116

If you still not secured your account with 2FA then it’s “not enough”. CCP needs to make more confident steps to educate people about 2FA and maybe even soft force the feature, since obviously simple plead “Please enable F2A for your account security” isn’t working that well over the course of many years.
I’m sure, big chunk of playerbase doesn’t have idea about mobile authentication or won’t even read that security blog. They will be more enthusiastic when they’ll need to enable 2FA for stuff like login rewards (aside from perpetual whiners “don’t force your stupid crap feature on me, CCP. Better fix feature X”)

(Cypherous) #117

See here’s the thing, 2FA is for people who aren’t doing enough to secure their accounts by not using unique passwords per account and by not using complex passwords, i assure you i am doing more than enough to protect my accounts as evidenced by me never having had an account compromised as a result of anything i didn’t do

Education is fine but if you start forcing 2FA on people then i for one am going elsewhere because i’m not interested in CCP telling me how i should secure my own account, i don’t need hand holding on that front as this is not my first rodeo

Oh people know more than you think, they don’t generally do it because its nothing more than an extra annoying step to logging in, you already have to confirm each new device you login from anyway so adding an extra step on top of that is just a waste

(Drago Shouna) #118

How can you see that if you’re banned?

(Boomshake) #119

(Buoytender Bob) #120

It clearly states that you are banned due to account security being compromised, nothing about botting. Something triggered their software or was brought to their attention that unauthorized activities were being done on the account. Account problems due to hacking are well known for taking weeks to sort out; the good news if found in your favor, you usually recieve game time bonuses to make it up to you.

(Boomshake) #121

hope you are right…thx for info man

(Peter Yurgin) #122

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(Azataq) #123

Forgive my ignorance, but what does RMT mean?

(Aeliyah Thor) #124

Real Money Trading. It’s kinda funny as that’s what we are doing with Plex as well. RMT = Illicit Real Money Trading? Confusing :smiley:

(Anderson Geten) #125

(Dragos Highwind) #126

One funnels money to the company making the game and the other supports botters. Even if done legitimately and condoned by the company they would likely be subject to major tax implications becasue Isk could be deemed a commodity.

(Ugo Mnoguron) #127

Flag the Bots, the RMTs, hackers, the Tataglias, Barzinis and the heads of the five families… and let us dispatch them in game, take their turf and mistresses… Or do the Robin Hood… give the loot you take from their accounts to those who pay real money for EVE… it should be equally divided between the couple dozen of us who do pay.

(Ugo Mnoguron) #128

… lower their shields … make their structures paper thin… jam their warp … peeermaaa weeeb… deactivate their cloaks …
Just don’t tell them.

(Nuke Michael) #129

glad to see someone has no idea what 2FA is actually for

(Cypherous) #130

Like i said, its for people not doing enough to secure their accounts, i don’t have 2FA active on anything but my paypal account because paypal are retarded and will lock your account if people keep failing to login to your account, using unique and complex passwords on each site will under 99.99% of circumstances prevent any account related issues, i have no desire to enable 2FA on more accounts because i literally do not need it, people are free to enable it if they think they actually need it i won’t tell them not to enable it, but i will point out how pointless it is for people like me