Devblog: Security Update - Q1 2019


No purchase because I respect the EULA of CCP

Greetings CCP,

This week I have reported a dozen unique RMT Internet Entities for your review to .

Most are simply trading operations dealing in ISK for real money. Others are trading in-game items for real money. The scope of the problem seems very large, but the ISK must be supplied via in-game Characters so even if your company does not have the ability to take legal action to cease and desist operations that are in jurisdictions beyond the normal rule of law, you do have 100% jurisdiction within the scope of your game. I suggest that you empower yourselves and take control of your game by routing out the connected Characters violating your clearly worded EULA.


Greetings CCP,

The Entity that I identified as “Entity 2” on 2019.04.03 now has 19 offers listed. This is an increase since last report.

What makes you think CCP follows these threads?

Greetings CCP,

The Entity that I identified as “Entity 1” on 2019.04.03 now has 13 ISK offers listed. This is down from 19 ISK offers, so perhaps 6 of the offers where purchased? Perhaps you can find out.


Greetings CCP,

I opened a ticket to document Entity 1 and thank you for the acknowledgment. You closed the ticket although the documented Entity 1 is still going full bore with ISK, PLEX, ships and characters for RMT.

Thanks but the problem is not closed.

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Greetings CCP,

Holy crap but that Entity 1 still is active.

Greetings CCP,


The Entity 2 as documented via Support Ticket has only 11 offers of ISK which is down from 19 offers listed on 2019.04.09 .