Devblog: Security Update - Q4 2018


(Sugar Smacks) #61

Didn’t know that at least the standings part is safe then.

(Masuhari Yakimoto) #62

If you have good standings with the hub you are trying to use to trade in that should finally be of value once CCP eliminates the cheaters. My trade alt got up to 8.0 with Caldari State in order to reduce the taxes at Jita. A HUGE amount of work and missions to do that. I dunno, maybe 1000 missions? Don’t even want to think of that anymore.

In all fairness to CCP, I have been looking for market bots at Jita for about 4 hours today and have only found 2. It used to be 100% of every sell order and almost always with 100+ items. My trade alt has dozens of listings now that I am getting interested in market trading again finally. I am actually having trouble finding market bots which is just … GREAT!

I think CCP has actually done way more than what they are saying at eliminating this cheating already.


(Peter Yurgin) #63

… That’s what happens when you have over a thousand people checking market orders to make sure they are the lowest. I’m not sure just because you think it is difficult to sell in jita doesn’t mean there are bots all over the place… There are just a freaking lot of pilots in there just sitting there watching their market orders.

(Dragos Highwind) #64

Peter is likely correct. Most likely a bunch of users using Evernus to copy/pasta at -.01 isk on their market orders till they get sick of battling it out. I sat at Jita for like an hour battling it out with 2-3 people the other day. 100% manual from my side at least and eventually they got sick of bidding up.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #65

I’d like to know this too.

Because that looks like a market bot to me… or 16 people just happened to place the same order at the same time… for the same quantity and the same price.


(Circumstantial Evidence) #66

Not a bot. This is easily done with Multi-Sell feature.

(Luscius Uta) #67

Stuff like mining, FW plexing, hauling and trading are one of the dullest activities I’ve seen in any game. The best way to combat botting is to make them more exciting and engaging, otherwise a lot of people will use bots to run these tasks for them while they are doing something else.

(Murza Kanjus) #68

This afternoon I created 4 accounts. 3 of them are paid by card. An hour ago on all accounts -“You have been banned for 3 days by CCP Grimmi. The reason specified was: EULA/TOS Violation - ISK Buying”.
Is it serious???

(Peter Yurgin) #69

it could be one guy with 16 orders. Not proof of a bot.

(Wander Prian) #70

When CCP bans you for something, they ban all your accounts, not just the one you broke rules with.

(Maekchu) #71

Should have bought that PLEX instead of ISK from some shady third party.

(techzer0) #72

Not enough is done to punish people benefiting from bots.

Bot rental corp in a huge alliance? Zero out the alliance.

Bot rental corp back in the alliance again? Zero out all members of the alliance and ban the leaders + bots.

Bot rental corp back in the…wait…it is gone. Guess everyone learned their lesson.

(Marcus Kormienko) #73

good luck

(DrysonBennington) #74

Don’t forget about the Doxer’s in Null Sec as well.

(DrysonBennington) #75

Getting rid of the botters and their alliance by banning them would generate new regions for players from high sec to move into null sec. Then new players joining the game could enjoy high sec while more content is created in null.

(Peter Yurgin) #76

I’d check out who bought up almost 500 of those +3% mining yield increase implants the other day. That is a huge spike that doesn’t happen much and you guys came out and said you got almost 600 accounts the other week of bots. The super spike on this item would indicate something out of the ordinary. I’d take a look to see if there was an account or two going around buying all these up and where they went with them.