Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Caleb Seremshur) #21

CCP are catering to botters and afk rorquals. They brought this old chat system back because load has not increased, there is not that many less/more players than before. All they did was shoot their PCU in the foot by making something that krabs couldn’t rely on for their TOS violating behaviours to exploit.

But the longer you stick around the more stupidity you hear about, things like relic bots using code injection to memory to make the client-side relic minigame complete automatically, data scrapers which reveal everything about the ship you fly to anyone looking, broadcasting, PANIC as a mechanic, so much more.

And then these hack frauds lie through the teeth about rebalancing things left neglected for a decade, finally modifying rocks to shrink when mined, finally admitting they need to finish module tiericide, finally admitting local being broken costing them the bottom line thanks to losing botters.

I hate to quote someone from WoW but who exactly will be getting a pat on the back in EVE for winning a game no one plays because undocking to roam yields nothing but botters?

(12 Volts) #22

Don’t forget thanking ccp for all the AFK Orca’s in Hi now - remove mining drones from Orcas and Rorquals there boosting ships NOT mining Ships

(zluq zabaa) #23

I vaguely remember them outsourcing the chat. If this is the case, they’d be running an interface or a number of interfaces between Server, Client and 3rd party chat server. A couple sources of error plus problems with DDoS protection employed by the 3rd party partner. Everyone claims it’s not on their end et cetera. I can see a lot of things going wrong there. Of course, if I got it wrong and they simply switched from one chat protocol to the other… well then they might have created a use case that wasn’t envisioned and they found that it’s probably easier to re-invent for yourself rather than trying to make a horse behave like a cat.

(Arrendis) #24

Yes, trying to address problems in a chat system that randomly disconnects local on one of three clients in the same system, shows people who aren’t really there on a second, and doesn’t show everyone who is on the third, that’s really catering to the botters. God knows that nobody else would ever want to have the chat system actually work.

(Buoytender Bob) #25

Good decision. Now the janitor can stop trying to fix the broken chat system and return back to his primary job…helping rid EVE of bots.

(Furoth) #26

I’m sure that whatever 3rd party servers they were using is what has messed up EvE chat. At least the rumor is that they are hosted by someone else. I don’t think they will be able to fix that because they do not control the servers. Considering that the old system worked perfectly I know CCP can make a chat system that works, so I believe it’s a 3rd party who messed it up. We will probably see the old system return.

And so what. 10 months is long enough to say “We tried but XMPP simply does not work for EvE”. if it can’t be done in 10 months then it can’t be done because XMPP does not work as sold or whoever is selling it to you cannot handle the traffic. Either way, someone at CCP didn’t get what was promised to them and the chat was messed up because of it. Stick with what works and don’t worry about it.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #27

The original dev blog

(Caleb Seremshur) #28

maybe they should get rid of local in general and replace it with something you choose to join

wouldn’t that just be novel.

(Pakokkie) #29

This is totally unacceptable company behaviour. Telling us that they are working on it. Just fix it please.
There are so many unsolved bugs. I am tired of submitting bug reports…

(Sugar Smacks) #30

Its the right thing to do, its definitely something that needs fixed now, before adding other things.

(Soldier Forrester) #31

Sadly I’m reading between the lines here that there is no plan to change the way intel gathering works.
Chat should be for chatting, not for one of the most crucial mechanics in warfare.

(Cj Allyn) #32

Im glad its finally being addressed. 10 Months of logging in to a coinflip whether or not local/alliance chats would work or not.

(Arrendis) #33

Wow, there’s a new idea. Just make everwhere into j-space.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard all of the arguments against that, and can’t be bothered to do even a simple search through these forums or the old ones, you’re just not worth explaining it to.

(CCP Explorer) #34

The current/new chat system is an ejabberd chat cluster run in AWS Ireland. The old chat system (called LSC), which we might revert back to, is built into the game/simulation cluster software.

(Cathe Kishunuba) #35

Once progress has been made, will it be communicated why it didn’t work 100%? I would think that a cluster in AWS would always be better than the old system. So I’m really curious.

(CCP Explorer) #36

It handles the chat message traffic fine, it has issues coping with the volume of leave/join traffic.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #37


no dont go back to the old system


(Oreb Wing) #38

Is that one of the reasons I disconnect lately during a session change? It’s been pretty aweful lately. The DC’s. If I have two while flipping through my PI alts before going to my pvp main, I just walk away and do something else. It’s very frustrating. I’m upgrading my comp because I felt it was instability in my system.

(CCP Explorer) #39

Very unlikely. Your session change is happening on the game/simulation cluster but the chat channel change is happening between the client and the chat cluster.

(Caleb Seremshur) #40

Cry me a river. Cowards and bots profit from local. You want it on by default in highsec so plebs can find one another and/or get recruited be my guest,

outside of highsec local however it has no purpose but to facilitate toxic gameplay that has been killing activity since forever. Anyone who knows about these bots understands that catching them is pure luck, there are too many and the most basic tools they use are too easily available. You can fly a pod through botting pockets and the VNIs will still dock up, because their programming simply says +1 and not blue = dock