Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Bill Hinkley2) #382

is it all chat chanels or just local? I can’t join help chat, no fleet chat window, and intel is delayed.

(Ellison Onizuka) #383

All chat. And I think its been being looked at for a year. At what point do you think people have been patient enough, just askin’

(xCONFLiCTiONx) #384

Or you could just read the forum instead of complain. Just sayin’

(Maekchu) #385

I see they finally decided to remove all local…

(Marcus Trio) #386

It appears that all local and chat channel are completely and totally borked. How am I supposed to shitpost and scam in Jita local now?

(Olleybear) #387

All chats arent working for me. Not just local. Time to fire ‘The Cloud’.

(3dgcmod) #388

yup all chats are not functioning… Scotty beam me up… I Captain as soon as we get power restored…

(Ellison Onizuka) #389

I read that a couple days ago and it really doesn’t make the problem better. The fact that they talk about the “new” system has worked from day one and that they will likely go back to the old chat system makes you wonder, why didn’t they just go back to the old system as soon as they realized this one is F**ked up.

(Molubin) #390

Same all chat channels not working.

(Agatha Carter) #391

we lost the most important part of this game
all channels not working:sweat_smile:

(Gealbhan) #392

Just be patient and fly safe :slight_smile:

(Victoria Valo-Collins) #393

Nothing on Tranquility either!

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #394

Tiny high-pitched voice in the back of the room: “Why don’t we just get rid of local?”

(Onictus) #395

For real why not, this is great (in low sec anyway)

(Nathan Nova) #396

Got to laugh at the people who thinks no chat is a great step forward. How will a new player ever get anywhere and without new players what would be the point for anyone else?

(Onictus) #397

No one said no chat.


(Abu Tarynnia) #398

NO chat here … all ■■■■■■ up
And removing local for what? To support just ONE way to play the game ? What about others who want to play other ways?

(Onictus) #399

I really don’t care.

Leave local and high, delete it elsewhere I am having a ball here.

(Aetrid) #400

from the game launcher:

(Onictus) #401

Yeah I know.

I am going to miss these screw ups