Devblog: Updates to Sales Taxes & Brokers Fees

The only one, who is kinda looking stupid, is you. Neither you can imagine why CCP changed the taxes, nor is this “pushing people into Omega”.

Hi Rhivre, no it is not, i was combining trade 1-5, Brokers relations 1-5 and a handful of other skills that effect standings with NPC in case your standings are low.

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i am sorry, for not understanding that, all of a sudden I felt like I was being trolled by like 4 people for asking what I thought was a clear question that then turned into a debate about topics I wasn’t even talking , that only vaguely resembled my original question

  • Increase the minimum taxation on player owned structures by 125% from 1% to 2.25%.

I dont understand that. What means that? Is market tax = sales tax? I think the market tax on poses are setable by the owner from 0 to 50%?

The buy orders will take into the account the broker fee in the price offered, and you still pay the sales tax. I thought you were meant to be the goons economic guru, so you must know this.

This change, as well as increasing ISK sinks, is clearly is intended to push people towards using player owned structures. Why do you think the goons economic guy is on full spin mode. This will push a lot of trade out of Jita into the goon/PH etc. owned structures.

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It won’t really make much different to the trader, as the price will be passed onto the end user as is always the case. The end result will basically be prices for all items to increase across the board slightly, and more high value trade to be pushed to low tax havens such as player structure, contracts, or out of game exchanges.

What’s happening in the PLEX market now though seems to me to be more to do with people overreacting and panic selling because they don’t know what they are doing.

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This is a real bummer for those of us that thoroughly enjoyed playing the market. Yes, I have an alt specced for day trading that has all the skills, but just skimming an additional 1.25% off what would only be 8-10% ROI is such a huge nerf! At volume this is a total joke. SAD!


And after everybody moves to citadels, you can expect removal of asset safety by the end of the year. And then the real fun starts :smiley:

I will still keep my stuff in Jita 4-4

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Smart man.

Just do instabuying and instaselling as much as you can if you weren’t already… leave the sell orders and buy orders for special occasions or else just wait and be patient if margins between buy and sell are too wide for you right now.

Holy ■■■■ CCP i’m loosing so much ISK to tax now it’s making the market trading profession practically nonviable. I have accounting 4 and brokers fee 4 with 3.89 standing with emperor and still I am paying more tax now than before the change??? I even paid for Omega so I could increase the the skills mentioned. Are you seriously that desperate to piss your player base off?


I’ve got 5/5, and 9.8 base standings. The upshot of the change is, regardless of what skills etc you’ve got, tax in NPC stations is now much higher.


If that’s the case, wouldn’t all the traders be increasing their buy/sell spread to increase margins and, essentially, pass the tax increase on to the customers?

I’m not sure what is surprising about this? Sales tax increased 150%. Accounting only reduces sales tax by 50% so, yes, the new tax at level 5 accounting is more than the old tax with no accounting.


as someone who has a real life job and the isk making ingame isn’t going to break me that much. But I feel sorry for the tryhard players that try to play eve like their 2nd job to break even…


Yeah I too have a full time job ass munch - never assume (assumption is the mother of all ■■■■ up’s)

Some of us don’t want to waste their hard earned cash on buying plex, some of us have a family and children to look after first.

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at least they get to vote about it now… There is a difference between getting taxes increased that were voted in and getting them increased without a say. So tell us, why would the taxes need to be increased so much later? Will Concord go on strike for more isk?

Cause i won’t be able to defend it from war with a large corp… which will inevitably happen if i am going to compete with those guys for the market…

it is now safe to say that the change really screwed us traders with this change, thanks CCP.


The phrase is “Adapt or Die” not “Adapt or Cry”…

Also, get ready for what’s coming because you will like that…or maybe more crying…who knows…

What is coming next?

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