Devblog: Updates to Sales Taxes & Brokers Fees

Just wait for it…It’s pretty safe to say the CCP has something major in the works and everything we’ve seen over the summer is just the groundwork.

oh you mean the efforts to stop booting, i don’t mind that at all, i applaud it. its its this one change i have problem with. This is the second time they have changed the sale tax and broker fee.

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No there is something very big in the works and I don’t think you will be worrying about sales taxes then it happens…

There are a few threads in the forums about weird things happening in NE and this is CCP “world building” for the lack of a better phrase…

I’m guessing the :poop: will hit the fan in mid to late October so that buzz created will be timed for Christmas…

could you plz share some of those threads, i seem to be out of the loop.

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Have a read here…

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Won’t this simply be fixed by moving to player owned structures?

Wow that’s a pretty cozy conspiracy on CCP’s end. Did you forget to take your anti-paranoia pills? Maybe ask your Doctor for mood regulators.

Finally a sensible voice.

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