Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Le Mittani) #204

ohh no not totally risk adverse pvp. What ever will become of eve with out being able to kill people who have no chance of fighting back?

(Steve Ronuken) #205

It used to grow. Some corporations spent a lot of isk to generate a dec shield.

(Rivr Luzade) #206

No, that’s the wrong approach. Wars need to be cheaper, not more expensive.

Declaring war on TEST or Goons or PL should only cost as much as 50M ISK. Declaring war on a 10 man indy corp in high sec should cost 500M ISK. That would have fixed a lot more issues than the currently to be introduced knee-jerk band aid. It would have allowed for more people to participate in farming Goons and other big null sec groups. And it would have made declaring war on people without anything worthwhile in space unattractive. That would have been the much easier, much more elegant and much more meaningful change instead of this “Find My Structure” game.

(commander aze) #207

Lol no

(twoflower Secret) #208

Interesting this inversion of costs.

(Peter Yurgin) #209

I agree. Anyone not able to be war dec’d should need to continue to pay the NPC tax rate at the least. That is the main reason players create corps is to not pay taxes on mission running, etc. You need to have some risk if you want to venture off away from the safety of an NPC corp. This is having your cake and eating it too. Being able to not be war dec’d and play the game at will without the taxes of an NPC corp. A lot of corps just rent space in a station and just run missions from the agent from there. It is like a structure in space for them but now they can’t be challenged with a war dec.

(Sugar Smacks) #210

It was brought up about making corporations pay higher taxes that don’t own structures.

(Rivr Luzade) #211

Really? So you would be punished if you don’t have structures, and if you have a structures you would also be punished.

This band-aid is getting better and better.

(twoflower Secret) #212

They already do in a sorta way if a lot of them are flocking in station (the rent rises to Jita values, B ISK/month).

(commander aze) #213

Who cares it’s high sec income like legit this is such a small number it wont matter. I’d be on the side of just let them keep the money so they can build up and grow. It’s better in the long run.

(Sugar Smacks) #214

Its just about carrot and stick with the carrot being get a structure or move out of hisec.

(Peter Yurgin) #215

I war dec’d a null sec corp once with my little corp and we paid through the roof for it. It was fun because we found content and they fought back, but not very fair for the couple players we had to have to pay the hundreds of millions to war dec them when it would’ve cost them something like 50 mil to war dec us.

(Travonus Trapoll) #216

this is probably the worst thing i have seen done to highsec. However. We will adapt to the change and push on to ganking alpha clones (in a non wardecable corp of course) to kill certain targets if paid to do so. Alpha clones are easy to make and destroy are they not :stuck_out_tongue:

You could have given lets say a 3 month carebear package to newley formed corp’s and if they put a structure down before the 3 months then they can be wardeced, Or reach a certain number of players in the corp to be able to be wardeced.
If players start stealing others moon ores i suggest you start making them suspect when they do. So its then fair game to the indy guys…

Eitherway Welcome to a softer more cuddly EVEOnline. (Where your actions don’t have consequences unless you have assets in space)

(cMo McCloud) #217

There is also no reason to be in a corp.

(Garth Takeshi) #218

okay sure - but for the occasional PvE agent mission, you’d be saving the 10% tax, right?


(Vol Arm'OOO) #219

You can wardec to kill structures now under the old system. People dont go around wholesale killing structures because structures are cancer; structure bashing in eve is the absolute worst form of pvp in the game - its boring and wholly unrewarding. 9 times out of 10, its just a half hour out of your life lost forever. In general, people war dec in high sec because they want to shoot ships, not structures. Hell, there are abandoned structures metastasizing all over eve. So the new system wont change much with structures, rather all it will do is create yet another mechanism for folk to avoid pvp.

(Peter Yurgin) #220

The structure nerf was the worst thing to highsec. And now the taking down your nerfed structures will let you keep your corp and stay away from being war dec’d. This is a bad choice.

You can not own moons in highsec. You need to move out of highsec to own moons. Concord rules allow you to moon mine in highsec. But the moving from a structure into a rented corp office should not give you immunity from being war dec’d. If you war dec moon miners you should be allowed to regardless of a structure or not. They’d have to be in an NPC corp and indy players hate HATE paying taxes.

(Quor Dresden) #221

Only downside I see for attackers is you now run the risk of dealing with more defencive efforts/ alliances. The purpose of the change seems to do exactly that. More wars, less logout/ leave Corp, and less attack uninformed newbee corps.

(Travonus Trapoll) #222

im speaking for some lads that mentioned it. Im marmite i will adapt and kill as always. Still think this is a dig at us means we get paid to kill people. Not our fault Highsec players can be toxic to one another :stuck_out_tongue:

(Peter Yurgin) #223

And it is 100% because of how successful you guys are. They mentioned this at Eve Vegas keynote. Not by name but 90% of all wars are from like 5 corps or something like that. And their kill ratio was too high. They made up that player corps after war stop playing eve, but the players actually leave the corp back into an NPC corp or go into another player corp. It was bogus statistics to make us feel bad for them.