Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Stalter Arjar) #244

If someone is mining “your” hisec moon belt then you have counters already.

  1. You control when it’s available, is up to you to have your own miners available.
  2. Anyone who mines can be bumped so they go elsewhere.
  3. Most hisec miners don’t know how to find a moon (or thy’re arse with a map), make ur athanor private.

If you want to “own” your moon belt then set up in low or null, that’s the choice you make.

On this toon I do hisec/lowsec/null indy stuff, the calculation is always the risk against the reward. If ACLs and suspect status were applied to 0.5 moon belts then I wouldn’t mine in hisec as the margins would not be high enough to cover the risk. In fact I’d prob consider going alpha and do other stuff.

(cMo McCloud) #245

Won’t solve anything, that’s the problem. If anything it highlights the problems with high sec.

(coolruningc2016) #246

why not make it so to war Dec a corporation in eve they need to have at last 20 players or some average number wear the bigger corporations are then going to get a fight? war is a part off eve undocking what not but seams a lot of effort going after a 1-5 man corporation unless its just a grudge with that corporation.

(Dal Shooth) #247

Right now the code CCP developed already flags the rocks owned by the corporation with the structure on grid and places that information in that corporations ledger. I think the easiest solution, since the code knows who owns the moon, and what rocks are on grid, is to place a suspect timer on a miner who mines the moon ore from a moon who does not also own the structure on grid. However, this could be a bit too harsh of a penalty because then you are playing limited engagement timer games with opposing forces… Its a tough situation to address to be honest.

EDIT: I know if I was presented with this problem today I would immediately mobilize a gank fleet and open a private chat.

(Dal Shooth) #248

Okay, time to drop a small stick in a C1.

(Penance Toralen) #249

Being someone from the amicable side of things, even I find this a disturbing comment in the blog. The whole non consensual thing, just took a lurching step to the edge a cliff. Whatever you have planned for this temporary solution better come fast and better be good.

(coolruningc2016) #250

better yet how about this to add lets say keep it as it is but as talked about change the deck price as well
So dec cots 500mil 1-20 corp 20-40 corp 400 mil 40-60 300 mil 60-80 200 mil 80-100 100 mil plus 100 man corporation 50 mil per dec funds transferred to concord as added inventive if the defenders kill a ship from opposing corporation concord pays out xxx amount of the value of ship kill to make it a little more interesting.

(LouHodo) #251

Now if only they would put this kind of effort into Faction Warfare. But I guess not enough Faction Warfare members are on the CSM to make a difference.

Oh well I guess it will go the way of WiS.

(Stalter Arjar) #252

If u put up a moon drill in hisec u don’t own the moon or the belt. If u want to enforce ownership then do it in lowsec or null. This is not a problem except for those not prepared to operate in low/null or prepared to use the counterplays that already exist in hisec.

(Daichi Yamato) #253
  1. Whilst they are elected. They are not a ruling body.

Even if they were, that’s a Republic. Not democracy.

  1. Never did i suggest ccp’s game designers aren’t intelligent. Just that intelligent game designers are preferred as decision makers to giving the masses whatever they shout about loudest.

(Dal Shooth) #254

All I was trying to get across was the code is already designed in a way that if CCP chose to create some moon ownership system in HS, it shouldn’t take too much dev effort to institute crime watch mechanics into it.

(coolruningc2016) #255

bty is MTU and that deployable mobile depot cased as a structure so would deploying them in space make a corporation then a suited for war?

(Dal Shooth) #256

Currently there are only 3 FLEX structures in game. Cyno beacon, Cyno Jammer, and Jump Gates. MTU’s and Mobile depots are not classified as FLEX structures, at least according to

(Markus Reinhart) #257

Yes, when it comes to wardecs one should really listen to the nullsec lobby CSM.

(Dread Saboteur) #258

It only took you 10 freaking years

(coolruningc2016) #259

any how good night all

(Gleb Koskov) #260

I can finally flex in jita in my Machariel in peace.

(Ehrenrh Holst) #261

Why is the picture used clearly not high sec?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #262

so, 6 months of Falcon and Brisc in the War Dec community is not enough data???

@Ehrenrh_Holst Because Wardec will affect the entire game, not just hisec… doesn’t matter where a structure is.

(Solecist Project) #263

No, they weren’t. The fact that they’re going to iterate on this over months indicates that they listen to reasonable ideas. So far, at least. The most reasonable thing to do is changing the system towards retaining players and then changing it over time into something better.

Most ideas I’ve came across are silly at best, or ■■■■■■■■ and not actually addressing the problems at worst. Any idea that tries to fix this mess in a single pass was, is and will always be a bad idea. The current step is necessary. Not perfect, but better than the status quo. It’s a good change as a start.