Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Max Deveron) #143

I would not say system, thats a bit restrictive…

But constellation as opposed to region, that i could get behind

(Chestnut Yanumano) #144

the same solar system may be a bit much though i felt. Constellations are small enough that it allows room to maneuver ya know. Its already expensive enough that the dec’s can range from 50-500m per week not including a 1b structure in every system ya know.

(Samira Kernher) #145

Actually, she’s a Minmatar roleplayer who is deccing mostly Amarr roleplay corporations. Of the corps decced, the biggest are PIE, one of the oldest active corporations in the game and very involved in FW and pvp, and SFRIM, a large Amarr roleplay corp comprised of a good number of vets and that participates in pvp of its own from time to time. The leadership of both corps are against the structure requirement change, despite the fact that they are targets. PIE’s actually already put up a structure in preparation of the changes in order to allow themselves to continue to be open to being decced, and SFRIM already has several structures in place. Mizhara also has her own structures in place, so she’s hardly been “avoiding risk.”

The fact that these changes hurt roleplay corps beyond the normal gameplay of EVE Online (that is, we have conflicts over rather ephemeral concepts and character disputes that are not tied to structures or other normal elements of gameplay) is a reason many of us are very opposed to these changes. Wars have been a big source of content for roleplay corporations since EVE began. If player X or corporation Y does a roleplay action that is at odds with the roleplay goals of your own corporation, the ability to dec that corp in response is necessary to driving that roleplay forward through in-game activities.

(Garth Takeshi) #146

so am I right there is now no reason to keep a new character (e.g. highsec hauler/trader/industry) in an NPC corporation rather than placing it in a 1-man corp? Am I missing any reason to stay in NPC corp?


(Brisc Rubal) #147

Because they didn’t just redo the Badger/Tayra/Osprey etc, less than six months ago.


(Max Deveron) #148

hmm, lets open a can of worms…

I once (maybe twice, maybe thrice) stated one time, the Empires are in Lore technically at war with each other…

Make the NPC corps at war…
for example…
Gallente Corp…guy is fine, so long as he doenst travel to Caldari or Amarr space (high or low). But if he does, and a player in the NPC Caldari Militia corp or the Amarr NPC militia corp can shoot him on sight…within the borders fo their respective goverments…(take note player corps in the militia are not included in this for a good reason).

Solution for avoiding: Join a player corp.
Now those that remain in NPC corps can be faction loyalists and play FW and RP to their hearts content

(Brisc Rubal) #149

I’ve been talking to the war dec community on a daily basis for something like six months now.

(Winston Onzo) #150

@Brisc_Rubal any news you can share on possibility of the bounty system being removed. I remember that was possibly up for suggestion due to resource issues on the server.

(Rivr Luzade) #151

Yes. Many months ago. Do you know how many not reworked ships there are still in EVE?

(Nana Skalski) #152

At last CCP grown up to change that previous, flawed design. What I am thinking is this image, and brighter future:

(Brisc Rubal) #153

I’m still pushing for that, but no updates that I’m aware of.

(Brisc Rubal) #154

The point you were making is that CCP would rather make skins than redesign ships. They have demonstrated that they can do both, and there are examples of ships being redone recently, in addition to four new ships and designed jump gates and structures in last month alone.

You can bitch about CCP all you want, but the one part that invariably works well and works hard is the art team.

(Rivr Luzade) #155

That I agree with. I just they dunk in their leadership head more so that they are allowed to work more on ship instead of skins. No one needs these money grabs except for Hilmar.

(Peter Yurgin) #156

The 0.0 point is decent. But wormhole corps should be allowed to war dec high-sec corps too. And so should null-sec corps. It helps them cut off supply lines into and out of highsec they might use for trading purposes. So yes and no. The structure in my mind should not be what makes your corp able to war dec’d or not. It is a decent point and would put some null sec corps at an advantage of high-sec corps when in a war against those two because of the low risk of the high-sec corp coming out of that area into your area even after they use locators to determine where your players are mostly. This just seems like the wrong ‘fix’ for a bunch of reasons.

(Ciryc Lagrej) #157

I liked the current bounty system myself I thoughti t made sense but I guess its just not incentive enough for people to actually go after bounties?

(Brisc Rubal) #158

It just doesn’t do anything, and the amount you get back for hunting is negligible. It’s been nerfed into irrelevance to stop RMT. It just makes lag in big fights now.

(Winston Onzo) #159

Also allows a spy corp that joins an alliance to drop a structure and put the whole alliance eligible for a war if none in the alliance had a structure to begin with.

Or if a corp drops a structure without telling the alliance, the turnout is the same, the alliance will be eligible for war.

(Peter Yurgin) #160

But, what if it does work and these high-sec mercs do get grouped up on and their structures found and elimiated and their wars stop because they war dec’d too many people at the same time and they where able to group up and eliminate them from declaring war. That would be impressive if it would work.
I’ve changed my mind. I’m willing to see how this goes and see if that would happen. That would prove that this system would work or not. If it does I’ll eat my words; if not it will prove that this doesn’t work.

(Ciryc Lagrej) #161

Fair. I suppose it is abit more effective to just put out a x amount of money for kill mails of a certain person that you personally approve or what not.

(Max Deveron) #162

What money grab, I thought Hillmar sold his personal stock?