Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Max Deveron) #162

What money grab, I thought Hillmar sold his personal stock?

(Winston Onzo) #163

He’s still CEO, so he still makes money

(Sollis Vynneve) #164

Kinda like this idea

(BIade Runner) #165

Your worries about EVE economy is touching, brought tears in my eyes :joy:

(Samira Kernher) #166

It’s an interesting thought. Though, while I do think NPC corps shouldn’t be immune to player conflict as they are now, I’m not sure having them automatically flagged in “enemy” systems is the way to go (and it’d probably encourage most people into rolling Caldari again, because Jita). Joining a militia corp kind of already serves that function anyway for the people who really want to fight for their faction (though factional navy makes conflict in enemy space rather annoying to arrange outside of low sec. It’s rather backwards that leaving FW and war deccing an enemy corporation gives you more freedom to fight them than both groups being in FW).

Either way, it doesn’t really solve the issues related to limiting player corp v player corp war decs. Even with roleplay wars, like other players in EVE most roleplayers do not stay in NPC corps. Roleplay disputes also tend to go beyond just simple factional loyalty. Two characters in the same faction might come to conflict and declare war on each other over some RP development entirely unrelated to the faction conflict (like I as an Amarr loyalist have badmouthed the Khanid King in-character and been wardecced by RP corporations loyal to the Khanid Kingdom, and I have wardecced Blood Raider characters after they performed in-game blood sacrifices even though we were both fighting in Amarr FW).

(Nana Skalski) #167

If you really make something bad repeatedly to empire NPC members, then empire that you targeted will be at war with you personally already. Its coded in standings mechanism. You just have to run enough good paying, particular missions with one faction to be at war with another.

Capsuleers start with clear account, then they are evaluated by making some decisions that matter.

(Brisc Rubal) #168

Frankly, I’m surprised that there’s no third party website set up to do stuff like that.

(Ciryc Lagrej) #169

That is a really fantastic idea…and lucrative if you charge a networking fee for people :stuck_out_tongue:

(Max Deveron) #170

true to some of your points…

I think the first time i mentioned this idea, the thread was on the old forums, so archived. My idea had more meat to it and there was discussion, lamenting, and gnashing of teeth from different angles for a short bit.

I dont have the steam to get into particulars of that topic again, but i felt the basic premise could use a gloss over mention.
So i find you thoughts of it being interesting promising at the very least. Maybe you and the other RP’rs could take it and flesh it out to something to make RP and FW a better place in EvE than what it is now.

(Quor Dresden) #171

Don’t matter if I’m right or not about picking on newbees. Only the second part of my post that you neglected to copy/ paste mattered.

(Pegs Thiesant) #173

This is tantamount to giving larger corps/alliances the ability to go and kill off any small corp in the game who play this for fun on their own as they will not be able to defend against it

I put a citidall up in remembrance, which will now be able to be destroyed by any one in eve, it feels like putting a tome stone up in a real life grave yard and saying to the world, feel free to deface and destroy my memories. This feels like a death knoll to small corps owning anything citidall related in EVE full stop !!!

(Quor Dresden) #174

Thanks, that was very insightful. My comment about newbee corps being picked on still stands as a good reason for these changes. Unfortunately it will hurt some as you pointed out. Also it forces lazy pvp players that pick on easy targets to potentially be forced to form alliances, take more care in targets they select. Sounds like decent balence or give and take.

(Max Deveron) #175

you reailze,
as a structure owner your complaints has always been this way from…crap probably long before i started playing?

(Pegs Thiesant) #176

an accurate view from one perspective, unless you are the small corp being hit on, then the perspective changes.

(Pegs Thiesant) #177

quick to shoot some one down for posting a remark, and btw it is not a complaint just my opinion on how it will pan out and makes me feel. You on the other hand have your opinion :slight_smile:

(Arrendis) #178

Which, given that the trend in the Minmatar hull updates has been away from the ‘thrown together from whatever’s on the shelf’, doesn’t make much sense. Especially since the Bellicose is pretty well proven in battle. It’s one of the oldest hulls in the Republic Fleet, along with the pre-refit Stabber.

(Arrendis) #179

Well, they are and they aren’t. There’s no widespread warfare, but rather a set of limited-scope conflicts overseen by CONCORD through the CONCORD Emergency War Militia Powers Act or some such. ie: FW. Outside of the warzones, the Militias are at war with one another. It’s a permanent wardec, in effect, even in highsec. That’s already there.

(Tora Bushido) #180

So will Eve be renamed in december to fluffy online?

(Mike Azariah) #181

and to date the education has been ‘wardecced? play an alt or logoff for a week’

That did not work out well for retention.

As for whoever said this is just a bandaid? So? Bandaids are applied to stop the bleeding, begin the healing. Kneejerk? Do you think that this is a quick fix to a new problem or has this issue been known about for a while?



(Nana Skalski) #182

Not thrown together from whatever, but new, better whatevers. That makes a big difference. Also the idea of keeping everything close to the core means you can shield one system with another, giving it a lot more resilience and survivability. And its more economic use of materials.