Diaspora: Mass Exodus done in Unreal Engine for Steam, First 5 people I'll gift them a million credits

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First 5 people to come check it out, I’ll give 1,000,000 DC (Diaspora Credits) to, and even at level 6 buy you a Nisus Behemoth and at level 8 give you enough to buy 8 (max) of the most expensive modification. This is for anyone, usually I only do this for new guild members that are new to the game as well - although now we don’t accept anyone who hasn’t gotten to level 6.

Ingame names: Dekay, Callidus, Mithrandil - Also I’m the CEO of the guild/corp Abandon All Hope, if you were to stay and play and actually level up, the guild bank allows to upgrade to the best equipment at the times/levels.

Unless you’re vetted, I won’t accept newbies, but if you say you’re from here I will just to get you acclimated and if later on you wanna quit, change guilds, stay solo, or just not play anymore, that’s your deal, not mine - Which is why we don’t purchase ships for guild members past level 13 (Nereid Behemoth (best tier 2 ship))

So usually it’s 1 mil cred upon joining as a signing bonus, at level 6 a Nisus Behemoth and the money to fit it are given to you, and upon reaching level 8, you get a small bonus to upgrade your basic modifications to pro. At 13 we buy you a Nereid Behemoth + fit.

The way I run my guild is like a corporation, I take note of who logs on, at what times, and how long they play and whether they’re just sitting around at a planet bar getting wrecked looking at 3 titty aliens, or out trading, questing, gaining xp or dc, wtfe - because everything you do, the guild takes it’s cut, but on Saturday I pay everyone a ‘paycheck’ according to their rank (technically there’s only 5 ranks, 1 being the leader, and 4 subordinate, but I’ve added sub levels in between and keep track on Excel). A new member automatically gets paid 1 million DC every Saturday, but an officer directly under me starts at 16 millon a week and can go to 25 million. It’s pretty much like : Alpha (me) -> Beta (Commanding Officers, Generals, Colonels, etc) -> Gamma (Lower Ranking Officers, Lieutenants, Captains, etc) -> Delta (Squad Leaders/Battalion Commanders - Lower ranking Lieutenants and Sergeants, almost like NCOs in the military), then we have Epsilon [where you start in a guild] (Recruits/Trainees, Privates, 1st class, Corporals, LCs etc)

If anyone gets bored of EVE and wants to play another game that is similar, which EVE probably was spawned off of, Diaspora: Mass Exodus is on Steam… It’s pretty much an actual balanced version of it, redone in Unreal Engine 3 or 4 I forget, but it’s pretty, and it’s pretty much the same thing just updated :smiley:

It’s the original, enhanced. There’s quests, skills to research, jump isn’t dependent on ship type, but research skills, guilds, still planetary trading, but now it’s ranking/lvling up for better ships and items, and of course the legendary Endymion and Helios Behemoths are there and are among the best in the game, as of now.

There’s a patch coming soon, so idk how it’s going to be after that, but I got my Helimoth before it, and am working on an alt.

Also there is no multiboxing except 1 alt, and that’s only if you ‘subscribe’ to the game, which is pretty much just a donation, and when you do (it’s 5 bucks for 30 days of +3% exp, trading gain, dc when killing mobs, and level 2 speed and cargo chips (you can buy chips with steam credits to gain a silght advantage, mostly +5% to speed, hp, shield, evasion, cargo, and damage, imo are worth it if you plan on sitting and laying for the 4 hours it’s active.

Gonna post this in unrelated too just in case it gets taken down since this is a shameless plug from a player who always wanted a graphically beautiful and balanced version of the game to come out and now there is.

Can you summarise, what does this game do better than Eve and what could CCP learn from it?

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There’s been changes and additions to items, such as.

Warp Drivers no longer hinder your warp charge (for now)
Mk3 Starburst guns no longer drop enemy shield to 0 for a couple seconds
Shield level raised from 62 to around 75 to 80 max (all tank but no speed)
Evasion ratings actually mean something
Two items in particular: Hull Blocker, stops enemy ships from knowing how damaged you are or aren’t, and Jamming Device (since you can scan for other players, this item reduces your signature by 7 nodes - arent supposed to be stackable, but if you equip 5 of them, you wont show up on anyone’s scan, even in the next node over - Max scan range is 30 nodes)

Ah, tip for anyone playing, if you buy your items in Gen Zone (pretty much where you start, it’s protected by no pvp zones and guardian ships which will attack any character attacking another outside of these 3 planets and zone) and then you take them to Tyros (which is a planet my guild owns), and you’ll make 4-10x more profit than you normally would just between the 3 starting planets, as the prices for goods are more in the neutral zone, and the deeper and higher level npcs there are, the more expensive their goods are. But this lane of traffic is usually clear of PKers as there are Endymion class ships (2nd best) patrolling and a few Gen Guardian ships as well, but there are NPC mobs that can, and probably will, shoot at you.

It’s not that it’s better, or worse, or even a comparison. EVE is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH larger and more complex. This is just a kick back to the days of the old school 2D MUD/Text Based/Node-point and click, games, updated with amazing graphics, and actually balanced.

So what I’m trying to say is, it’s just an alternative if you get bored of mining, or wtfe you do to make your ISK to pretty much the game that started, or at least gave the idea of, Space Trading/Combat MMOs, as this game was out a good 5 years before EVE even was in its’ infancy - but back then you could multiwindow which gave a lot of players an unfair advantage as they could just make another character and pretty much fly their own fleet around ,

Now there is no multiboxing, except if you get the 30 day ‘subscription’ for pretty much5 bucks *its 5000 PDC which is 5 dollars bough separately a dollar at a time, or 5 bux at once will get you 6000, leaving you some change lothen you can have 1 alt on at the same time, and also that you get a +3% Bonus to amount of DC earned trading/killing mobs, +3% more exp from killing mobs, and tier 2 ‘chips’ which are small bonuses you can buy with the PDC to gain a slight edge over your opponent (IT IS DEFINITELY NOT PAY TO WIN) which are +5% speed and +5% to your cargo capacity.

Here’s a fresh screenshot I just took:

Ok ta, don’t think it’s for me frankly. Back in the day I played Elite: Frontier to death then later one or 2 titles in the X series. I’ve dabbled with Elite: Dangerous but it feels a pointless without a player driven market.

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The market prices change every hour, but the trading that does go one influences the next hours prices, and provides tax money to the guilds that own the planet

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Just giving this a bump, I guess. There’s something special in the making for this title, as in I believe they’re going to make more utilization out of the Unreal Engine 4 the game is based off of right now, considering they’re barely using a fraction of what this engine could do.

So yeah, open, free, and welcome to new players who want to try something new, or need/want to take a break from EVE.

If anyone does decide to come and try it out, my offer still stands.

1 Million credits to new players who talk to me in game IG names : Dekay, Callidus, Mithrandil, and FionaFears

Upon rank 6, purchasing you a ship called a Nisus Behemoth, best tier 1 ship, out fitting it, and from there can choose to go on your own, with someone else, or come join our ranks.

What do you have to lose? If you don’t like it, delete Steam/Valve, and come back to EVE. It’s not like you’re going to get in trouble for playing it, as if EVE is your girl and you’re cheating on her/it. lol

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