Did anyone do the gank-math regarding Trig-ships yet?

Talking about damage output, CONCORD arrival, tanking abilities under sentry fire, etc.

You know it.

I am asking, unusual for me actually … (LOOK MOM, I`M BEING SOCIAL!)
… but I hoped to save me some real life time I barely have.

Thank you!

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The ramp up time on their dps all but precludes their use in the context of suicide ganking, before you even factor in costs. If they’re cheap they may see use in comedy gank contexts.

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I think he meant how much it takes to gank these ships.

Considering that it takes no more than 15-25 Thrashers to gank any other BS, that’s what you have to use to gank those as well. What’s there to calculate even? It’s common knowledge. Well, at least for competent people. :roll_eyes:

How many ships and pods have you ever suicide ganked, brainiac ?

5 freighters in high sec without bumping or suicide tackle, 17 freighters in total.

Even if I had not done that, I can use killboards, brainiac.

Okay, man, thanks for posting.

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