Did capsuleers transfer their conscious to new body when they die?

I’m reading the Empyrean age now, I saw Falek Grange said capsileers do died at the time when they are transfering to the new body, and they are just echoes of their original selves. Is this contradict with the “conscious transfer” setting? Did any employees of ccp made clear statement about this issue? I don’t what to discuss philosophical questions, I just what to know how did ccp set this up in EVE universe.

Your body dies, your mind is transferred. What that means in the metaphysical sense is up to you to decide. (“Technically, we’re ghosts.” --Elsebeth Rhiannon, way too many times.)

Here’s a lore infodump on all things related I made some time ago: EVE Lore FAQ: clones, poddings, crew deaths and backups


Its an interesting question. I think its always important to keep in mind that there is very often the truth on one hand, and often repeated lies on the other that have been mistaken as truth for being familiar. The lore itself could be a lie made up to make capsuleers feel better about what happens. What is being called your “consciousness” may actually only be your memories and knowledge implanted into a new consciousness which misinterprets itself as the old one. I suppose that would be aided by being genetically the same with what we can expect to be a similarly formed brain.

It could even be what became the explanation is the result of an honest mistake since clones always insist and sure seem to actually believe, they are the real and original consciousness.

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My tentative opinion is that upon retransplantation, the person’s consciousness is copied and pasted to the new brain, which then believes itself to be the original, with no practical way to prove otherwise, as all the original memories, skills, etc. will be intact (hopefully).

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