Did you know that 【Tyrannos Basileus】 will appear in the 【Abyssal Artifact Recovery】 mission?

In a level that can only be entered by cruisers, there is an enemy that the player cannot fight against at all. You can’t even Warp after seeing him. Entering this dungeon is like roulette. Is this what the designer wants?

Unforeseen occurrences of overwhelming force in PVE is a long-overdue aspect in EVE PVE. This is what Abyssals were supposed to be from the get go and only relatively recently have become. An element of surprise in modern PVE is highly necessary as it’s been a stable in old-fashion PVE (random additional spawns in DED complexes and missions, to name 2 things).

Please give me an example of “Unforeseen occurrences of overwhelming” in a PVE activity. It is not difficult or requires operation, but a fatal situation of “cannot fight against at all”.

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Alternatively, if other tasks with equivalent rewards also had this fatal issue, I could understand it as some sort of design. However, since other homefront operations clearly do not have this issue, and the rewards for this task are not significantly higher than for other tasks, I cannot see it as a “design” but rather as some sort of “mistake.”

The mistake is that Homefronts don’t have that. It’s a massive, but intentional oversight because CCP simply can’t be consistent or competent in these things.