Didn't get killmail, not on zkillboard either

So tonight I was hauling a package from jita and got ganked by several talos’, and i got kill rights on everyone, but I didn’t get a killmail. Zkillboard doesn’t appear to have one either.

If you or the party(s) involved, don’t have proper permissions with zkill, they won’t show up… why you don’t have a killmail however in game, not sure on that one…

Probably get a KM notice later due to server-side lag, I’ve noticed almost every aspect of the game continues to get more laggy with each update patch, and those seem to be happening almost everyday.

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Only the person who gets a killing blow gets a kill mail in game.

The victim should also get one.

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I have noticed many gankers not showing up on zkill of later , was looking at a Talos gank the other day all Talos died and only one appears on zkill, from gankers point of view sensible to block zkill

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