Difference between Orbit and Keep at range


Is there a difference between those 2 commands?
I tried both in the tutorial but didn’t notice much difference.

Grretings from a new flyer.

Happy flying.

if target has same speed or faster than you and flies away from you - there is no difference, but if you are faster then you’ll fly around it with minimal slowdown.


Orbit doesn’t just apply to orbiting enemy ships, it can be a useful way of avoiding getting hit by ships with slow-tracking guns. I use it when PVE sniping with my VNI using Sentry drones. I launch the Sentries, then orbit around one of them at full speed at 1,000 Mtrs, The enemy ships miss me much more often than if I just launched them and then stayed still at range 1000. Another ploy is to carry a chunk of scrap metal loot, so you can jettison it and orbit around the resultant container for the same reason.

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Orbit will circle the target though if moving away you’ll just end up chasing the target. You stay moving either way.

Keep at range just tries to keep at range, if target is stopped so are you at the range specified. Similar to Approach except with a range.

Keep at range will help tracking (for both you and your enemy), orbit will do opposite.


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