Difference between Overdrive and Afterburner

What is the difference between an Overdrive injector and a Civilian Afterburner?
Can i use both?

Thank you!

is a passive module (doesn’t need to be swtiched on, constant effect) making your ship faster and you cargo capacity smaller

is an active module (when switched on, makes your ship move faster, consumes power from capacitor)

Yes. The speed boost will be summated.

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Overdrive module increase base velocity of your ship.

Afterburner increase speed of ship above its base for a short period of time in a straight line. (you can turn, but you loose speed and have a large turning radius.)
With skills you can reduce cycle times.
Requires low fitting requirements and low CAP.

Microwarpdrive does the same as afterburner, but higher speed and a little tighter turning radius. But comes with negatives;

  1. Ship signature increases by 500% (makes you ship 5 times its size, making it easier to lock and target, and also increased damage application on it.)
  2. Runs for 10 seconds (means #1 is in effect for 10sec, this can’t be reduced)
  3. Higher fitting requirements and CAP useage.

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